this is a whole lot of poloroids.

its true...its a whole lot of poloriods like I just said..taken over like i'd say about 2 years time 4-5 years ago. total time capsule.
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Hmmm Sandwhich Board...

So I am doing a new sandwhich baord for work and I have two designs...leave me a comment lemme know which you like better. You can by-pass the sign in stuff in comments and leave it under annon. Help me out tho. Gimmie feed back!

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Remover Installer

Shawn Wolfe is a good design maker. Has always been good at it. If you don't know who he is kick yourself in the arse. Then go check him out.


Simple. It's a bunch of Biker pictures by Doug Barber. Well done Doug.


The one the only the sold...

Just this once I am making available to the Public this One Off *IT'S GO TIME* Shirt. Its two color hand screened Logo and has machine attached labels from my line "ENGINE". Note the labels in the neck and one in the side seem for extra floss! The highly durable labels read "ENGINE - keep your game tight"!! That is sound advice... Get this One of a kind men's large *IT'S GO TIME* apparel ONLY $40.00 !!! SOLD !! Thanks fo' the support!!
email me at cracklarock@gmail.com for purchase info!!
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want it...what else is there to say..want it want it want it.

That my friend...Friends..myself, I don't know who is reading this or not reading, but that is the Blue Tooth Phone by *hulger*

I use Skype as should you and if I had this phone on my desk it would ring, I'd pick it up blue tooth would kick in and somebody on the other end would hear my voice say in a crystal clear connection "Who dis playin on my phone??!" For real though this phone is wireless because of bluetooth but they have some other hotness that has a cord that I would take just as quick if someone was offerning it to me...

Laura Santana...illmatic.

Right outta Paris's 20th Ward Laura Santana is one of THEE cleanest artist I have ever seen. Her style is traditional but progressive...By that I mean she has a foundation in traditional imagery but obviously she can flip it on us if she wants...The only other artist I know who is on par with her style and ability has gotta be Mike Giant.

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And OF COURSE like every other human being on earth she is on Myspace. Her page *LAURA* is fine but it looks kinda dodgy on my Mac thru' Firefox. Whatever just check out her pic's section. Hot to Death yo!

Are you more Venus Flytrapp or Doctor Johnny Fever?

I have found some of the best music of my whole life by just reading this guy's playlist from 2004. I really can't even make a joke about it he just has Themed playlist after Playlist of some of the most obscure and over looked jammy jams of all time...I said Jammy Jam, so what, wanna fight about it?

Here is a sample of one of his playlist called "Wayback
Excursion #2"
It'll put your Best iPOD list to shame I tells yas
The Replacements I Will Dare (1984)
Husker Du Broken Home, Broken Heart (1984)
Tom Waits 16 Shells From A Thirty Ought Six (1983)
Bauhaus She's In Parties (1983)
Fear Nwe York's Alright If You Like Saxaphones (1982)
Joy Division These Days (1980)
X World's A Mess, It's In My Kiss (1980)
Young Canadians Don't Bother Me (1980)
Talking Heads Cities (1979)
Elvis Costello Radio Radio (1978)
Buzzcocks You Tear Me Up (1978)
The Jam To Be Someone (1978)
Wayne/Jayne County Fuck Off (1977)
Ian Dury Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll (1977)
Sex Pistols Bodies (1977)
Modern Lovers She Cracked (1976)
The Ramones Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue (1976)
Toots & the Maytals Funky Kingston (1975)
Neil Young Needle and the Damage Done (1975)
New York Dolls Bad Detective (1974)
Alice Cooper Muscle of Love (1974)
David Bowie Cracked Actor (1973)
Gary Glitter Didn't Know I Loved You... (1972)
T.Rex Rip Off (1971)
Velvet Underground Sweet Jane (1970)
The Stooges 1970 (1970)
Jefferson Airplane Volunteers (1969)
Stepenwolf The Pusher (1968)
Johnny Cash Cocaine Blues (1968)
Jimi Hendrix If 6 Was 9 (1967)
The Seeds Pushin' Too Hard (1966)
The Count Five Psychotic Reacion (1966)
The Yardbirds Mr. You're A Better Man Than I (1965)
Tom Jones It's Not Unusual (1965)


No wonder they spread Bird Flu like drunk sailors in port!

I don't know about you but to me these Chickens on this package look like they are staring in some Poultry Based Porno from 1979...seriously. It just looks dirty. Maybe its just brilliant advertising...I mean I bought it right?

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I won't be winning any accurate Bloggin awards

I wish I knew where I grabbed these images or what the woman's name was...but yo, I spaced it. What can I say. It was about LA gangs but these were the best two in the set...
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Always a fan of Vandalism Artist and Boobs and Mouse Pads...

Thats from Cool Hunting and then this...this is just quality Design. Ergonomics at its most primal...

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Pennyless Threadless not a clothing line to my name.

I have several Slogans and images in my blog section on Threadless...I love this site but for the life of me and technology that hates me I cannot get my T-Shirts to fit thier Templete...pls help me...somene. Do it for me. I hate to learn, Oh yeah and vote on my Slogan Shirts if you please!

Minor Holdings

And just like that it's the Ghetto Cat son!


Withoout my expressed premission written or verbal...

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You ever just have this feeling that out there someplace on the internet is your twin in cartoon form...I always felt that way and now today I have been proven "Not Crazy". I found this pop up behind my browser window after looking up Chords for the Blondie/Nerves/Cat Power song "Hangin' on the telephone!". I looked at it and thought "Shit that looks just like me...that looks JUST like the painting of me hangin on the wall right next to me!" Thank you digital camera!

Uka'freakin fantastic is what it is...

It's the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain...The OWN Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights!! They also killed it with a version of Teenage kicks, originally by the Undertones, that will get you Right through the Night!!

I done dd it. The thing got did.

I have my first Blog.