I don't like everything they do...but they do do some things well.

This is one. PS they are come'in to work here pretty soon if you want to come lemme know.

**Wait wait wait this was gonna be a cocorosie video...you know all kinda abstract with a childs keyboard and a harp...but seriously, being that different is kinda becoming todays Arena Rock..So screw'em** This is a video of an old guy just killing it on an old Martin guitar...

Ninja Please...The Hallway never disapoints.

If there is anyone reading and if you have read back some...you'd know by now mhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gify hallway has provided me with much bounty...this is the newest reward reaped!

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Your guess is as good as mine.

But i suggest to learn more about just how a ninja rolls you go HEREPoste Haste!



Da Dunk ah Dunks...SB Nike Stuffs

So I was looking through a bunch of stuff. These are a few things Nike and Nike SB related. The first is a postcard set for the NIKE skaters but its not branded SB just nike...and like 3 of the shoes being advertised on the cards are not even skate shoes...This musta been from a time when they hadn't commited to the SB division or maybe from it's infancy,?? What do I know?

The Next thingy is one I got from the Nike House in Venice Beach CA at a party Steve Powers invited me to. (NOTE TO READER...Please look at your feet as I am droppin names!) I took a few (few..HAHAHA) copies of his manifesto and some other odds and ends that really made the night special. Look for his BUFF style ESPOin yellow in the corner. He knocked it out the park with that one...he laced LA with these "Buff marks" that oddly enough spelled ESPO. Bravo!

Click to enlarge!

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Cobra Snake can kiss my ass!

It is ALL about AMBREL::..

Yeah I like CS but I think I would use the term "Over Hype'd" at least 3 times if asked two write a short sentence on my take of CS...NOW having Poo Poo'd CS I want to lavish AMNREL with priase and Kudos and throw a few accolades all up in there for flare...

This Blog thanks to Justin-Kent.com . My man is a straight Shoe Mogul with a litte Beaverton Company. Look for a dedicated J.Kent Blog report soon.

Urgh this dude HUANTS me every club I work he comes in plugs in dances to his favorite musci liek a mad man and bounces on out the door'...I think he has figured otu the art of the DJ Gig.

***HAHAH THEY HATED THAT I LINKED TO THEM..or Him I mean either way I kinda like it. Raw. Hey just click through to the Site well worth your trouble!***


Air Burro...from slamxHype

What I don't know about this could fill a room...goto slam.hype for the info---

So you wanna hit a biker in the head with a bat but...

You just don't have the gumption required? You have a distinct lack of Moxy? You know you will be killed by his confederates in arms instantly there after? I got chu'...for real tho i got chu'....here it is the solution, did some one say PINATA'S??

thats right check it out. The Biker Pinata! Now grab your kids sized aluminum bat from the truck and put in work son!


A famous hot minute.

I doodled a little something for Hustler of Culture...and this is NOT the long awaited HOC blog...just saying. I did a banner for them good people and they saw fit to showcase it for a few. I am proud No.5 to design a banner for'em. I retooled, well just stole the letters I had already drawn, threw in a little sassy and presto...hat is how you do that!

The first go at it...i thoguht it wa funny...but then what do I know?
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I did a few different races...Like

Orientals - Bout to bubble in the o6'

Mexicans - Doin it with Mucho Sabor next Season


I know I got jokes...I know...but this time

This is just..shit it's...I need more of this in my life. I am going bannans here wanting to tell everybody WHY I love this and where the stuff is and what I am kicking around in my dome, the crazy ideas so ill you'll get ocular herpes from just mentally picture'in what I describe...Hold up tho' but I gotta play this one madd close to the vest...I am just gonna show you some DESIGN.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Oh I heard the rumors...I didn't buh'lee dat but it's true..Bubbs Back!


if you know me you know i already have the teefs.

Today brothers and sisters the shopping gods smiled and imparted upon me this very day a find so precious I could not leave the MLK jr. Fashion Plaza with out it in my grasp. Bow Down.

Things I can't won't or shouldn't by law possess...

JB's Miami Nice kicks

A datsun 510 rally inspired auto.

And I'd like this please...aintgonnahappen'


Yeah I aint EVER gonna get some things in life althought I had lunch with in 8 ft. of her once and she pet my dogs one afternoon at Armeainian Coffee Corner..I mean Coffee Table in LA. I called her harley a honda to see her get riled...she rolled with it tho. said she like my french poodles.

and lastly

Yeah yeah more shoes so what. These are by my new and favorite designer this afternoon between the hours of..12p, and 4pm Benny Gold Daily. art maker.

I am gonna take a nap and finsih this on the flipp flop...

Now I heard of a punk rock prom...This is better.

"Hey boo, you wanna hit up the prom wit me? Holler back!"

And more and more and more...

Maybe the guy in tan is looking for lions or rhinos...i mean he is dressed in His Kalahari Safari Best...remember Hood Rich Dr.Livingston, when in doubt: Run from a Rhino STARE DOWN a Hyena! Nice Pith hat Kahki Guy, no really, it's like you alone have channel'd back to the 80's and Panama Jack!...oh I got more.

look ma i saved up from my paper route and I got a hooker for prom!

Update like whoa!! Hoodrich Prom dates part one'mo again!

Yo Kid...you brought your moms to the prom ANNNND she's a Lab tech. over at Mercy Genreal hospital? Word!

The ever popular "PSSSST...PPSSSST...Craig...CRAIG...lemme borrow your VCR right Quick!"Look for prom!

I see some teen-ladies tonite who be like havin babies..Baby!"

Crack is Dedicated to the bling Dunny!!

Some of you may have a shiny trinket or two...and some of you may be on the Top o the line Mac G5's i can live with it. You can stick around, no need to bounce just yet. I am gonna go ahead and point out that I am in fact harder than you. Why you ask? This is why.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us*

No matter who you are you and what dirt you done did YOU my friend have never rolled into a Jewelry Store and said to the man...I want to get a Chain bigger than a baby's arm and at the end of that chain I wanna swing that thing that'll memorialize that which is closest to my heart, My OLD DESIGN POT'NAH AND HOMMIE, my Apple G3 with Zip drive and Floppy drive! Cherry on top moment: I set this stunna off propa like by add'd a cut emerald for the power light boyeee! That is what you are looking at...thats right ya'll "... feels like a midget hangin from my necklace!" Don't hate the Player son hate the OS!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


* Yeah I know its hard to stunt it when the necklace needs a cleaning more than Steve Bushemi's Teeth do, but i promise she cleans up nice!

Haterations...it's time to put on makeup...

Walking the fence on this one...Maybe its great ironic design..maybe its slapshod and ill conceived...i really am walking the fence on this one, and thier line for that matter.

is a great name a great logo the site is clean pro and all around tiht in navigation and design...but if you aint got the designs then...well. I don't know what to tell ya. I like the Ill Street Shoes i guess...better graphic and a quick 'ha' than it is a T-Design...I want a shirt that says "oh these old things?" when its talking about my uber limited impossible to get kicks than a shirt that says "HEY HEY HEY LOOK AT MY SHIRT!!! IT'S TELLING YOU TO LOOK AT MY SHOES!! HEY!!"


Lord have mercy I stole'd it...I stole'd it!!...har dee harr haaar!

Iz da truf'...I stole'd this graphic from HELLOMINOR's blog PLEASE DON'T THROW ME IN THE BRIAR PATCH!!...I know he didn't draw it so its all gravity! So this guy actually was caught teaching AT the same school that me and HELLOMINOR met at lo these 22 years ago...John Karr is like trick daddy...He'Luh Da Kids


Links not so much...

So I erased my links some how some way. They will be back better'n'ever here.in the next day or so..I am trying to have them all be Image links as opposed to just text hyperlinks...so send me a smallish like 180 pixels square. MAYBE LIKE THIS SIZE...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Make it send it I'll post it. Watch me bring that traffic, like rush hour up on your page. Foreallytho' Send me your link image at the email.

It's good to like somebody...it's nice.

I recently saw Del Kathryn Barton's work. It is really nice. Good stuff. And coolhunting.com said "...artworks that capture the wide-eyed innocence of youth, albeit tainted by eyes that appear to have seen too much." I can see that sure, okay...but I think that the tainted eyes there belong squarley to a Mister Darger and a Mister Schiele. I think her stuff is good just like I like thier stuff but when you look at someone's art and say "HELLSYEAH! I LOVES IT YO!" and you find yourself adding "...BECAUSE IT LOOKS JUST LIKE SO AND SO WHO I ALREADY LOVED." it takes something away from the over all...goodness of it, no?


So you gots yer'Del Kathryn Barton's:

and here goes Egon:

And then there is Darger: