Covet .want it .Don't deserve it.

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Heritage Adidas. Very nice Germans...Veeeeery nice. Now your getting the picture. now go kick NIKEs ass!


No sir, what I said was that I DIDN'T feel like i was paying ENOUGH for gas these days...I wanna do my part!

Yeah..if your gonna get caught rollin dirty...Get caught in a Maximog...Yeah it sounds like a cross between a Menstration thingy and a 70's electric Synthisizer, sure, I see that but these are the most amazing personal vehicles ever in the world of man...BEHOLD the Beautiful Bohemouth

OH SHIT why i wrote this was that I SAW this same orange model going down the street in St.Johns Portland yesterday with a Khaki safari roof cover on top...it looks for lake of a better term Savage!!

Enjoy these pics and check out this fan site where I got the images for the most part!

Once you learn the ins and outs you are legally able to drive the space shuttle. Its just madd gadettry up in there huh?

Little slow on the western front...I know.

I have just started a new job an spent a great evening with my dearest homeslices...here is a photo up date as opposed to something closer to my usually web fodder you know some stolen article about this or that...maybe somethin' Shiny, Funny, limited edt. or perhaps nice and Designy and or a video clip of somthin' Kooky...just enjoy the photo!

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Wait sctrach that you know something I am gonna throw a design in that I am not sure is my original idea or not...but at least i appropriated it bymyself...

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And one more nice group shot to bring it all home!

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So I google'd It's go time!

And boy did the Urban Dictionary enlighten me:

1. it's go time
2 thumbs up

1) phrase meaning, "I challenge you to a streetfight," usually accompanied by the challenger assuming a fighting stance

2) phrase accepting such a challenge to a streetfight

"I'm sick of you insulting my mamma! It's go time, you punk ass bitch!"

Also on myspace is Scottytattoo...his quote is It's Go Time! Goscottygo!!

Click on scotty to check'em out!!

And finally It's Go Time! is an article about animals poop'in!!

I over heard that I got an Overhead...it's TRUE!!

I have wanted one of these for years. Well since about 1999 when a former best friend got one at a school sale. I found one at the Bins today!! Behold...in all it's glory:

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If one was to beleive what was written on the side of the ole'Over H' it used'ta belong to the Sheraton Hotel!

Hey Buddy-Ro...

I'm working on a picture and I think it's you isn't it? Was that a large Coke Sign on the store accross the street?

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How to make an ipod Viewing Dock...

Outta a Mint can in two easy steps.

Step one: Cut off Half-lid of BREATH SAVER'S by HERSY'S with switch blade...Preferably a Benchmade Brand Switch Blade for added flare and Street Cred!

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Step two: Stick Video iPOD in can and watch Strong Bad cartoons/podcast at your leisure!!

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I used to sit at a desk checking IDs for my last job and I would set up my iPOD in a pint glass and try to angle it so I could watch muh'stories, Scrubs, The Office and the like. Nuthin' worked till I combined the great taste of Breath mints and iPod together at last for the ultimate viewing dock!

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Two additional notes:
YES you can still hit Play and Pause with no Problem. I know it does not look like it in the pictures, I will be cutting a half circle notch out to make it mo'easier tho'...and Secondly: It is PERFECTLY BALANCED!! won't tip in ANY direction. It is a miracle of science I tells ya!

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Let's get HIGH with a Big'Mo and Maude...

There is totally nuthin' funny about this post...I swear.

If you are browse'in the ole'net with Firefox|Mozilla I suggest you swing by the customization station...Spruce up our browser.


Pin Hole Awsomeness + MORE !!

Make & Shoot Pinhole Camera Kit

The Hole-On Ex is a make & shoot 35mm pinhole camera kit. This well-designed kit comes complete with all the camera parts needed, printed on heavy durable cardstock, die-cut and scored for easy assembly. A metal pinhole aperture is included. Assembly requires only glue, a ruler, and pencil. Recommended for ages 12 and up, younger with adult help. Step-by-step instructions mean the camera can be ready for shooting in less than two hours using standard 35mm film (not included). When assembled, the camera is about the size of a disposable camera (2.75" x 4" x 2.75"). Each kit is stylishly packaged in a LP album sized (12" sq x 1/2" d) corrugated cardboard sleeve.

Pinhole cameras have no optical lens, only a pinhole that lets light in when the shutter is opened exposing the film. The user is required to experiment with exposure times relative to available light. (Hole-On Ex provides instruction on this). And given a pinhole camera's infinite depth of field, the resulting photos are instantly artful with a softer, less crisp appearance than regular photographs. But that's half the fun! The Hole-On Ex camera is a great way to inspire learning about the fundamentals of light, optics, and photography.

  • This is from NOTEDCO.COM the best place ever on the internet today!!

Urgh Beating a dead horse...

I am sick of the SLIVR or RAZR and the PBL whatever cell phones but this one takes the ugly cake...i would still take a free one tho' folks if you're out there listen'in...you know and want to change my mind!

Bling Bling

But I'll admit it comes with everything you'd ever need. More cell phones should come with all this crap. For real!

A thing i don't catch myself saying often:

Wow, that cell phone is really pretty.

This one really and truely is pretty. It's a Nokia and it's pretty. How is that for a a blog that doesn't say a whole lot?


Protector's of the Castle

Cooter and Six. The best dogs in the whole universe seen here keeping the river riff-faff off our property and headed down the river...don't let them catch you messing with 260 Shoreline!!

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Let's Get Kinky in Austin

That last post reminded me that I LOVE the sound bites that Kinky seems to always be dropping so I looked him up on myspace...whaddya know. He is there. Kinky for President.

Keep it Dirty.

Then there was this...this is from wooster collective, the dust art of Scott Wade.

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How to paint a sandwich Board...and attract chicks.

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I didn't even ask these chicks from AURA...Urrgh...to pose on the sign they came around the corner and started to take thier own pics and pose'in. I feel that was validation enough. But getting the $200 bucks I get will validae my wallet.

Now I hate a Teaser...No, I really hate a teaser!

But this one has an great video for it!


44 Boards

Here are 44 Decks. Well done.

This was a limited print from the show. Hersk did it. He will be the subject of an Upcome'in post.

Silly Pink Bunnies...They OWN!

It's Jeremy Fish. He is so clean it hurts. He is so Good it's inspirational. He has a web site with too much good stuff. Go there.

I first became aware of Mister Fish while running HOOKIN STYLE in Berkeley CA. Out neighbor two doors down was 510 Skates and they had a few of his paintings hanging in thier space. I am guessing thatit was his earlier stuff but still it far surpased any thing I had ever painted, I wa an instant fan. I still haven't bought his book, I'm with stupid. Someday.


Yes please. I'll take anything they offer.

Otaku...Nerds in Costumes.

Its funny wikipedia describes Otaku as:
Overweight, unkempt, bespectacled and fantasizing about an anime heroine--a popular otaku stereotype. ---- SPOT ON!

I found this site called F*#K OTAKU and it has given me MUCH MUCH MUUUCH to look at and think on


Graffiti find of HUGE cultural and artistic significance

Man...I do not know where this was when I was writhing...I mean it. It is the implement of legend and majesty. And I never heard of it before Ready Flow Pen.

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I mean I had all the Flow Master stuff which was similar but this is 4 individuals packaged jars each with three brushes that slip in through sized holes on the top and then they get 'Jucied' up in pilot ink or Marsh ink. It says water color but uhmm...hahah. yeah sorry never touch the stuff. But I saw this in a house today and asked if she'd barter me for it and she said "take it" I think I cried, just a little, then I left and made a mad dash for this blog to share!

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Somewhere there is a marble accent wall on some building on New Montgomery in SF just CALLIN me and this drip-tast-i-cal 12 gauge chisel tipped King of Pens!