Okay Okay Kemosobi...I get the point! Thanks.

So keeping on in Nippon here is a nice photo site with Japanese club peoples doing their thangs...

And apparently one of their 'thangs' is to still be doing the Butterfly in the year 2007 while the rest of the world stopped with Bel Biv Devo's last album.


Accentuate your positive I suppose...or just your posterior!


Lil'Leoni here to Out Shine the Sun!!

David and Joy I love you both a whole hell of a lot. I can't find words and you know that's not like me. Congratulations. This is a song about angels. It seemed like a good match.
Welcome to town LEONI ANN HEINECKE...lets do lunch soon.

Beulah Land.m4a



It was bound to happen.

Yeah so I guess this is it. We had a good ride kiddo and look, we'll always have 'Our Song' right?

Now dont do that, shsssh...don't talk...come give me some love you!

Science of the Drop.

I don't know always know when to say things. Well I tay ALOT of things but I am talking the right time to say the right thing. Lay the perfect quote in a conversation and just slay'em with your smartitudes. I have had somesmall victories in the past. Like once in school somebody said something about war and non-violent oposition and I dropped a little "Wasn't it Chief Joseph, Chief of the persecuted Nez Perz peoples who said "Oh hear me my great cheifs yadda yadda..." and looked pretty smart. And then I think I pulled the first or second verse of El Dorado by E.A.Poe out my ass at a house party once too...But recently I read the money quote. I don't know why but it seeping with badassness. I just ache to find that time, that moment that BOO YA IN YO' FACE moment in which to drop science on'em and walk away like the champ I know I am:

"The old world is dying away,
and the new world struggles to come forth:
now is the time of monsters."

Okay That was aq bit dramatic. I just like the quote!

The Sheriff's come'in and he's a N'eh....

You say BLACKSPLOITATION! I say LaughRIOTploitation!!

"What'd he say? He said the Sheriff's coming and he's a Near!" - Blazzin Saddles

I always wondered what happened to the Sheriff from BS's, Cleavon Little. Still do. I know he ended up as the Anti-Bellum Caretaker / FBI agent in FLETCH LIVES. I know that much. After that his trail runs cold screen credit wise. I suppose he will remain a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in an eggroll, served with cilantro and severed with a chilled sweet peanut dipping sauce...sorry I am HONGRY and I digress. Point is that he left us laugh'in and just maybe...thinking. Take this enduring bit of dialogue, prose really, and it's our's to have and well, savor, for time eternal...won't you savor it with me? Thanks Cleavon!

(*Chevy Chase Plays the roll of Fletch. Cleavon is Calculous)

Calculus Entropy: How do you do? I be Calculus Entropy, you be Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher?
Fletch: I be Fletch, Geometry Fletch. She be Miss Trigonometry Ross.