The Sheriff's come'in and he's a N'eh....

You say BLACKSPLOITATION! I say LaughRIOTploitation!!

"What'd he say? He said the Sheriff's coming and he's a Near!" - Blazzin Saddles

I always wondered what happened to the Sheriff from BS's, Cleavon Little. Still do. I know he ended up as the Anti-Bellum Caretaker / FBI agent in FLETCH LIVES. I know that much. After that his trail runs cold screen credit wise. I suppose he will remain a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in an eggroll, served with cilantro and severed with a chilled sweet peanut dipping sauce...sorry I am HONGRY and I digress. Point is that he left us laugh'in and just maybe...thinking. Take this enduring bit of dialogue, prose really, and it's our's to have and well, savor, for time eternal...won't you savor it with me? Thanks Cleavon!

(*Chevy Chase Plays the roll of Fletch. Cleavon is Calculous)

Calculus Entropy: How do you do? I be Calculus Entropy, you be Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher?
Fletch: I be Fletch, Geometry Fletch. She be Miss Trigonometry Ross.

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