Go F*ck yer'self!

Random House looks forward to a day when I won't use half the words in my lexicon! Click on the link for a word (no pun intended) on Sensitive Words.


I finished my poster.

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Design Notes from the artist...aka ME.
1- Just as I am typing this I have been instructed to add the words "The new sound of Funk" to the image...thats like doing a poster for a rock band and adding "the rockin'n'ist rockers!"
2-next to the chick belopw the bird the word POOP is spelled out in flourishes
3-The man has a flower sup his butt.

** Turns out New sound of funk is ACTUALLY a band name...so now I guess its not as ridiculous as I thought when it seemed it was a description of The Guy Taylor Band**.

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Being Chinese mean's never having to say...I'm Sorry.

Seriously, it absolves you from EVER having to say sorry, excuse me in a crowded bus, you are above 'lines' or 'ques' of ANY sort. Proceed directly to the front of the line. Run if you must and use your 8 plastic shopping bags that say "thank you" on the sides to knock your opponets, or what I like to call 'other people', out of the way or just down if at all possible. Well look, just call that saying "Rule #1" the rest of the rules are posted here. They also apply at the Great Wall if you happen to be traveling there...see imag below. and like I said in the last post I have never said a racist thing in muh'life! remember that!

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They omitted one important rule though.

"Rule #8 -When at the wall do not help, aid, assit, hold the door open for, or cheer on ANY Barbarians trying to get in. Thank you - Your Comrades"

Photo from www.engrish.com Please to be checking it out!

Now if any one needs me I'll be in my room.

As you know I have never uttered a Racial Slur.


Check out the Jim Crow Museum online!

Its R Low!!

A to the R to the L and the O

This is a video made by an uncle for his nephew. Everytime I see it I think I don't do enough for my nephews...then I think, What have they ever done for me?
He also Directed Jack Blacks last moive Nacho Libra and did the old Silf and Oly show.

Dutch Mid-Centry Modern Boobs.


by Dutch Artist Mario Philippona

I am in BLove...

I could in no way hope to craft a blog post as moving as the one she wrote. Lord she's good.

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I drink about you all the time!

In case any of you forgot what she looks like:

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Hey design something nice then...

we'll keep adding crap as an after thought so it really you know brings the whole design home!

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The best part is how they wanted me to punch up 70's and 80's so i added what would seem to be a FART explosion coming out of the disco chicks butt!

I am working on this. Its coming along swimmingly.

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I started to learn how to write today.

I am learning Hand lettering with an artist named Jere Harley. There is some urgency to my lessons as Jere is wrapping it up. He is lucid and tanlented but his body is fighting him. I feel privaliged to have him spend some of his valuable time with me. Teaching me. Here is the first thing we workd on. The Foundations of classical roman letter construction.


some day when my pockets is fat

i'll buya ...

...a freakin steamroller and make this car go away!


A better time and Place.


Beastiality it would seem...OH and Bank Robbery!

Firearms (Personal Favorite!)

Spear Chucking

Nothin' says Childrens Program'in like
getting High offa'a tha Booze!


Here is a cool little Company for ya

Here is my lil'wagon at their shop. Its been donated!

Black Wagon

They retail some really coolk kids products. My friend Alli works there. She's a sweetie so when I found a lil'red Radio Flyer wagon at the Bins I got it and made Black Wagon a little sumthinsumthin. I swung it by today...

On a separate note...Some sucker paid $27.00 for that wagons from Hallmark(It had the sticker n the bottom still), it was a Xmas ornament. A brand new full sized wagon from Radio Flyer cost 7 dollars more...who knew.

Some of you may also recognize the resemblance between the wagon and my OWN personal mode of conveyance.

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The Original


As you know they are adding a mouth to thier home-based work force and have shown interest in this TEE from Black Wagon...

Consider yo'self Warned.

It's Tortoise & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

Here is a Pretty one to start the day off with Pancho

This song reminds me of my friend Trisha..or Trich as she is known to her dear friends and family. It just seems like a song she'd put on a Mix Tape and I'd be like "OHSHITWHOISTHIS? THIS SONG IS AWSOME!" then I'd get everything they ever recorded. But everything else would pale to the first song i heard. That how it was for me and Jonathan Richman and "Back in you life"


Don't Don't Don't buh'lee tha HYPE!!

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"Haha, I like it... I'm guessing it wouldn't be a wise idea to wear one on campus though." - John J. Doe

"Haha...That's ill!!" - Mr. Blank von Fakenameski

"You GOTTA make those man!" - Realname Notsomuch


I'm not in love with your tone....

So easy a...I could do it.

Click HERE

If you are sitting next to someone who irritates you on a plane, train or bus …

1. Quietly and calmly open up your laptop case.

2. Remove your laptop.

3. Boot it.

4. Make sure the guy who won't leave you alone can see the screen.

5. Close your eyes and tilt your head up to the sky both hands out palms up.

6. Then hit this

Click here.


I never get lucky. Not even with COMCAST

Thanks for the 3 leaf clover you jackasses...