New Poster Design...i'll be back in PDX tommorow

Just as some filler here is a poster I did for The Aught Three's Show. Make it if you can. OH included is thier feedback on the poster I dont always get that. Except for the Groundation Posters in which every single one was stolen off the walls BEFORE 11pm, before I could even take one, Hippy's Love my work what can I say?...enough about me what do they think about me?

"Oh, man. I love them. thanks so much!!!...You rock!"
- the 03s

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Go benet Get cho's...TIE-1-

BIG UPS MQ!! Word to Dave From Hellominor!

The new Black

I found a list (thanks Sachs) of things that are in-fact The New BLACK...and I don't mean Maddonas adopted son...was that wrong? I mean I know black people who read this? Is my ghetto pass valid? can I get away with it...yeah i am sure its Kosher liek a dill!

rememebr when

entertainment was free and you didnt need drugs to get all woozy and end up with mud on your face?

The Great PHONE IN of 06'

I used to plop my ass down and blog...I mean it. I wouldn't spell check I'd jsut talk shit jibba jabba and jive talk the live long day. I feel like since I descovered You Tube I have really been phone'in it in as of late. I can't say I'll get back to my hard core not so much u tube style of bloggin but it'd be nice I agree..untill then here is a video by the Two Gallants worth watching.


As a Doorman I LIVED for a funny ID!

It broke the bordem up nice...real nice.


Outlaw Dance'in

This guys got moves......he is no Jesco White but still he got moves.

Here is a little Jesco quote to show you he aint no soft dancer..he is the outlaw dancer!

"I put the butcher knife up to her neck and said if you wanna live to see tomorrow, you're gonna start fryin' 'em eggs a little better'n what'chu been fryin' 'em. I'm tired of eatin' sloppy, slimy eggs!" - Jesco White to wife Norma Jean White"


take 'March of the Valkyrie' and use the word GAY to sing all the notes...Gay GAY GAYYY GAY GAY gay gay GAYY GAY GAY gay gay gay!!

and that is my take on them (except the Biggie Jewels T not pictured):

All New Lemar & Dauley Line.



My buddy Matt Foley...

...who lives in a van down by the river and loves cars and trucks and VANS that he could live in if need be. This is his new blog. Only days old, but show'em some love!


Like found magazine but funnier in that its the real people reading thier ridiculousnessity outloud in front of you.

So Get Mortified...check out the clip...*This kid uss some foul and sailor like languge mind you*

It's like being...

able for you to hear the RADIO in my head.*

*thanks coolhunting


For Mist Oner

You know because you like the whole stalker thing "...LET ME ME INTO YOUR WINDOW"


North Cack.

I made it. I am happy to be here. I am happy to have my suitcase and computer...which were lost for a time in Philly today...I filed my claim with the lady at the desk and she asked increduolusly "YOU DIDNT PACK YOUR COMPUTER IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING DID YOU??" to which I said "Yes...why do you think someone in your company, able to deduce that it is a computer by its packaging probably has stolen it?"...There in begun her back tracking. I Love it here. I can hear my dog a snore'in away. I can see the river. I can almost taste the BBQ i will be eating tommorow by this time...

Be on the look out for: The 90's Car of the week!

If you know anyone who has one or if you do...I wanna drive it once around the block...unless its the dreaded GM White with Burgendy int. Then don't swweat it, keep it! But if its black...just once

"Even white boy's got to shout!" - Sir Mix Alot

Look man if you turn on your car and tha guage cluster shows you this instead HEAT TEMP GAS...IT's ON! It's on like Tron....because thats whit it looks like. It's like you are driving a TRON car my friend. Don't you want to drive the tron car?

At night behind the Dairy Queen I'd be all...you can't see me tho'

If I had her I would promise her to never 'Ghost ride the whip' Cause I might trip...and she would crash into the rest of the Hyphy Train!

Next week: The Car that is parked outside right now kids and I ain't ven flamboastin

'bout it! I got the keys son!


Pack it up.

I am gonna pack my bag then pack the computer so if your gonna write me before I am out...do it now.

THIS IS IT...really. 220 bucks what??

Look I was buying curtains for my van the other day...it's okay the curtains much like my van are BLACK, and I was walking through the fabric sore and saw what I thought to be the ugliest 'scuse me but also the GAYEST fabric and thought to myself yeah they are pretty close to putting that crap on an ALL OVER PRINT,over priced hoodie...Close no. Gotten there? Yes they have...here it is:

^If you suckers will buy you deserve to be caught dead in it.^

No here is the way to go...38 US ducets AND it will kick the sh*t outta all the other Hoodies on the block son.

insider fact about me...I would still wear this one tho'

Always need help orginize'in?

Get your self a hairy ball or two...apparently they are the way to go. I think if you prefer white hairyballs you can get those too.


Did he just rap the words...

Its a celebration / Like Dave Cham Pipple?...Common, who the hell is Dave Cham Pipple? Just because its a GAP ad don't mean you can make up peoples names or *CRINGE* make up weird names for Dave Chapplle...zip your "hood" up the whole way and shuddup.

Update...I have been google'in Champpiple:


Players school

Craig Says:

did he just call Dave Chappelle Dave Chapipple? This is another level for Common.


Did you catch me on TV last night?

No matter what you say...I can dance.

More pics comming soon of "THE VAN"

if you want'em or not they're commin'...

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best what ever ever...Rudie Out of Jail!

In my fight against Corky Colorways this:

"Rockers NYC took some time out from embarrasing Rastafarians around the globe with their Fruity Pebble colorways and disregard for Jamaican culture as a whole..."

Thats from DBTHb a site that like me means just because we were droped on our heads around the time wham came out that it was cool to use pink and salmon and neon and day glow DOES NOT MEAN ITS KOSHER NOW 18 years later...NO designers. NO. BAD.

I got into graffiti for ONE reason...

KAWS it takes BALLS!! hahahahahaha...like 1 in 4 of you will get that.

This actually takes me back to the 5th or 6th thing I ever blogged about.


I'm drinkin Heart Brake Motor-oil. Bombay Gin!

Airside ROCKS! & WRITES!

If you were gonna order me one...
"I'm drinkin Heart Brake Motor-oil, Bombay Gin! I'll Sleep when I'm dead" - W.Zevon

Kinda Cool

check it out at digital gravel...lets see how large it makes your dome look!


My whole life we have had a VW van in our Family.

And we are so not hippies...We camp but we don't follow The Grateful Dead on tour you feel me? Anyways i always send my pops pics of his van I find..Usually in better shape than this.

Pics laying around unfiled my desk top for whatever reason.

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Sun Shine Snowy

Yeah usally I have a reason for posting a picture. this one just captured yesterday afternoon so poorly and nicely at the same time I feel I gots ta share.

**Click it**
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On top of it I usally Pshop the helloutta pics this one, not so much.



Why wouldn't I? Not to would be to let the terrorists win...by stealing our freedom.


I was cooking when i thought of this. I should have kept cooking this idea a little longer.

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"OHHHH THE HUGE MANITEE!....OHHHH" - Herbert Morrison. New Jersey, May 6th, 1936


If you didn't know...

My dad's back home!

Mo'Info real soonmeow. Did up u just say "Meow"?

*Click me get Big*
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Special Print for me from Hellominor...Ghetto cat T! Thanks Dave.


Hop-a-Long Lowenstein and Calamity Cal...from yer uncle.

What Kinda uncle don't get his Nephews some Boots when he is in the BINS? A poor one. Who does get'em? Quality Stock Uncle's such as myself. Eben Cal...enjoys!

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** yeah turquoise and tassles, they gonna have to learn to fight young if they wann stomp in these boots. You can Thank me later guys. Roll yer cuffs and dust yer knuckles, your going to the PARK!

IF you EVER held a can

...and then thought..Yo if HAZE and ESPO got their own NIKEs why can't I?Call these kids they will swing by your house, it'll take a sec cause brothers is One Flowin and Bus Hoppin thier way over but when they get there tell'em your NIKE dreams your T-Shirt Company dreams and Your Big Thangs Plans and they will stomp a mud hole in yer butt and walk it dry. THESE are WRITERS.

this is heart. This is SF this is Arrriiiii'.

Urrgh son look at that 1 on the one flow. ! used to mean rolling solo for Delf but now...who knows


Blah a store did a tie in with a car compay...BE STILL MY QUAKING MARKETING STRATAGIES BE STILL!! Yeah why with all my Poo-Poo'ing am I talkin and ah'blogin bout it? It looks slick.

NOW wit this whole dealy with Frank Budnitz co-opting a perfectly good slang Dunny, that shit is a whole nother Blog You heard? Word up Dunny!

Quick Graphic RePost. Some Current work. Some old dustys for filler.

Just a quick online bare bones identity|Treatment|Graphic Design Portfolio PLEASE email me at: Crack's Communique System

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Okay up there we had some stills from a spot I did with Sai Man Chow and Brand New School for Cartoon Network. Then there is the AND 1 shoes Logo re-Design and treatment. Stills from a 30 second in store spot. That was through Manhattan Transfer. Then there is Some Mtv stills for Mtv Sports type spot.
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Yeah so here is some Stuff I did for playboy with the skulls, repeating all over textile pattern. I liked that one. then some self for me projects. Those gotta keep busy illustrations.
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Some Album work for several bands. Slighty Stoopid is a still from the Honeypot video animations I did..they were okay but the next Subline, yeah not so much.
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I'm stuck in black and white. Try'in to get back to some color.
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What can I say? Peanut butter is IN FACT the Jam.
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Just a bunch of stuff Flyers Album artwork personal illustrations. Things I thought would be funny.