Be on the look out for: The 90's Car of the week!

If you know anyone who has one or if you do...I wanna drive it once around the block...unless its the dreaded GM White with Burgendy int. Then don't swweat it, keep it! But if its black...just once

"Even white boy's got to shout!" - Sir Mix Alot

Look man if you turn on your car and tha guage cluster shows you this instead HEAT TEMP GAS...IT's ON! It's on like Tron....because thats whit it looks like. It's like you are driving a TRON car my friend. Don't you want to drive the tron car?

At night behind the Dairy Queen I'd be all...you can't see me tho'

If I had her I would promise her to never 'Ghost ride the whip' Cause I might trip...and she would crash into the rest of the Hyphy Train!

Next week: The Car that is parked outside right now kids and I ain't ven flamboastin

'bout it! I got the keys son!

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