D.A.'s and So'neys...Japan's gottem';

New Ass Plant

or a place to plant my ass for a few hours from time to time. I got an ORANGE chair. I knew searching Craigslist Furniture for sale section for the word ORANGE would pay off!! $35 bucks! The nice lady who used to own it only drove it to church on Sundays....Just kidding., but it was PERFECT and made me pretty happ for just being some wood springs and Bright O' in color. She told me all about it. It is a 1957 Leonetti Chair made in Portland. Okay yeah so sorry about gushing so much but I can't help but dig it.

A little caught up

My favorite Transformer is my buddy Nic. After that its this lil'guy.




^^check wonder womans buttflection in the mirror!

*Click fo'mo*

Where I laid my hat was my home...until.

Well the contracts signed and a weight has been lifted off'a my parents. They sold their house! I can't say thank you enough to them for giving me the house at 2** Shoreline to goto on vacations and on holidays and on rainy days and on sunny days on Tuesdays and Sundays....They provided me and my sister with an amazing place to finally 'go home to' after YEARS abroad.

On hot days I would walk off the end of the dock into the river and on lucky days on that same dock I would notch a couple 'Crappie catches' off on the hand railing with my yellow boat knife...I was lucky so often that my father's fragile ego had people come in and tear our that part of the dock because the innumerable notches served as humiliating reminder to him that I am a Superior angler I am sure. (If he doesn't think that is how it happened then I am sure his analysis should just about get him to that conclusion!)

I can't say how much some of the times spent in that home and around New Bern and Pinetown meant to me! Thanks...


Dirt Wizard war...

Found this epic battle taking place on a wall in Industrial NW.

Can you tell people...

You made up the phrase "Play fast and loose..."? Shakespeare can. oh yeah also "Alls well that ends well." "a Borower nor a lender be." "A;; that gliters is not gold." and sooooo freakin on and on!!

Nu-Roll Down

Started on a new sign/murally thing...sktech and then how I am coming along:


Mr.Belvedere rises from the dead...

They Pulled that Time Capsule car a 57' Belvedere, outta the ground in Tulsa....Go Here

I love it when

I love it when the hounds send me an email and capitalize their names but not my dad's "...Six, Cooter, and d"



Nothing pleases me more than

Garden Path Sentences...

"The horse raced past the barn fell."

"Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo"

Psycholinguistics makes me question my direction in school. Okay , i'll concede that I can neither spell words arrange them correctly or even utter them in a manner which is generally understood by all...on a good day. But Linguistics and Psycholinguistics get me all ah'titter! Just look at feral kids yo!


So look

Chances are I put this up before but its Just like Dick in a Box or The Portman Rap...it's just good.

Why I will try and live till August at least.

Bite me Jackass

It was a good FIRST attempt....




Back at home we have both these. I don't think Willy1 has ever shot either. He has however sent many a snake 'on home' to meet thier maker with a .38 loaded with snake shot!

Ruger mini 14/ as much fun as it looks!

And then there is idots with guns