Where I laid my hat was my home...until.

Well the contracts signed and a weight has been lifted off'a my parents. They sold their house! I can't say thank you enough to them for giving me the house at 2** Shoreline to goto on vacations and on holidays and on rainy days and on sunny days on Tuesdays and Sundays....They provided me and my sister with an amazing place to finally 'go home to' after YEARS abroad.

On hot days I would walk off the end of the dock into the river and on lucky days on that same dock I would notch a couple 'Crappie catches' off on the hand railing with my yellow boat knife...I was lucky so often that my father's fragile ego had people come in and tear our that part of the dock because the innumerable notches served as humiliating reminder to him that I am a Superior angler I am sure. (If he doesn't think that is how it happened then I am sure his analysis should just about get him to that conclusion!)

I can't say how much some of the times spent in that home and around New Bern and Pinetown meant to me! Thanks...


pinetown said...

nkgalrvqhey D. thanks for your words on our family house. it has been nice having a place that we all could get together a couple of times each year. enough room that we all could be together, but still have privacy when we needed it. i am sure we will not move to a better place, but it is time to move and to move on.

now about fishing from our dock; my analysis has led me to the conclusion that your analysis and your memory of fishing is in fact kinda of fishy and has some rather large holes (unlike the fish you caught). what kind of knoch did you cut in the hand rail with your yellow boat knife the day you caught the five or so lb. speckled trout off our dock? i wont finish that story incase any of your readers still believe any of your fish stories, but i will be watching closely for your spin on the saltwater fish that you caught in our fresh water river. as the night owl in Bangkok said often "any more words would be ..."

more later. d

Crack la Rock said...

"any more words would be ..."