Back at last and this one's for the Family

We Willie's all know this one singular fact from growing up a Williams (side bar I could not have been happier growing up anybody else! Thanks you two) But this is the Fact I learn't early on and remember to this day...

Q: Cadet Vivio What did you learn today?

A: A goddamn one of these don't FLY

D comment on this with the whole story if you have the time to type it out...correct the name and rank if I messed them up. I love you Willie's


My nephew is a total Foodie...urgh i hate that word.

Eben’s sandwich

1, 3, 2 lions
don’t have mustard
I need to put pickles
4 half bread
you need to make tea for him
olives spicy

it’s a birthday cake. He can do that. Make a birthday cake

spicy olives
a birthday hat to say happy birthday
purple color
we have a problem, forgot to add mustard on my cake to eat
Uncle Daniel can have my birthday on Saturday
Where daddy’s cake go?

By a mixer
you can make fruit or something
coffee beans and that grinderthing
you need to take the coffee bean
then you pour in coffee grinder
and it makes a loud noise errrrrrrrrrr

I need a construction hat


Here is the Fred Eaglesmith ad... and speaking of Add

I added my grandaddy's image from an earlier psot to this one and drew a guitar casse for an overall mo'better look.

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New one.

I don't know why i think this is a funny idea. It offened one of my Holy Roller friends (LUCY) friends...

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You ain't nuthin till you're resold on Ebay...

Congrats Khun Hellominor! Nice find. Better even than that bootleg from the sunday market in my book. Check it out a "Sexy New With Tags" T-shurt. Patsy and her Ebay antique auctions knows them some good street style whens they sees it!!

IT IS WHAT IT IS FOLKS...a New Stamp and a Poster

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Oh yeah baby...invert. The handiest tool evr invented...hours on a design. Perfect in every way, client will say "It's close but..." you hit ole'Invert and client will say "Word UP son! Just how i imagined it!"...ladies and gentlemen I give you...Inverted images:

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Neither Design Nor Car. Not Art not Sounds...

This is a blog i promised myself i would write if i got home and my internet was working...it was. Here it is. I moved to Portland Oregon because from Yesterday thru like say...may 24th it is the most beautiful climate ever. I love the rain the wind the cold the sun the coffee in the cold the jackets and the quilts at night. This is why I moved here. This one is sorta for me.

*last shot from Lee Santa.

This last one is mostly how I see the town on my way home from work at the bars. Just like...middle of the night rain and fog sittin' heavy on everything coating it like a layer of bacon grease that settles on every surface in the kitchen after you deep fry a little bacon goodness...hmmmmBaconFog. I digress. I love Portland in Fall and Winter. Period Full stop.



I wanna see it.

I haven't seen it. Have you? How was it?

My Ipod lied to me with White punks on dope.

I suggest that you explore Richard Hell and the Voidoids . Start with my personal favorite "Love comes in Spurts!". It's just a suggestion. ANd yes originally I had said White punks on dope was RHATV but kenny straightened me and my lying ipod right the Hell out..The Tubes sung'it...Something is amiss in itunes land. It also said that the Nerves wrote 'Nice legs same about er'face'...which we all know is a Monks song. The Nevers killed it with Hangin on the telephone...right? Cause lord knows cat power didn't write it. I ramble. *thanks Kenny.


"Bouncers bouncing thru the night....

Trying to start or stop a fight" - Specials

Tonite was the night I felt this kid's adams apple under my palm as I threw his ass into the street and it grossed me out. He had just faked a swing on me and I swear dont fake it unless you gonna throw it thats all there is and as i felt his puny little neck in my palm and then saw him fly I just thought to myself. I gotta quit being a bouncer. I need a real gig. I need to have health insurence. I need to feel the confidenece of a decent pay check. Anybody hire'in?

I hate babysitting you drunk ass people.


Has anyone seen my link? It's Missing...

If you aint going you aint shit...Missinglink PDX!!

AS per tough guy Dave's ORDER:

First Matty got his Caddy now He rides a Bike!

Hahahah I made the little ditty up so I figured I needed to make a post about it...as soon as I can post his video clip off of You Tube I will!

For real Matt, drive safe man. From all the people here at it's Go Time we love ya and don't wanna see you go out like a hood ornament!!

Maybe we can roll out sometime...

Here is the only Hog in my garage. A 990's era Never Opened Mint in Box Harley Bike by defunct corp. Roadmaster. Yeah it even makes the VroooOOOOoM noise when you twist the grip. Any buyers out there? $700.00 (as appraised by the New England Muscle Bike Museum)

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I wanna say alot about this. I will only say this. When I have a dream in which I fly throught the air at some point, this video captures that same feeling. Wow.

thanks Sachs Report

Time to wrap your soda in tin foil...

I am going on a field trip! Tommorw me and my old coworkers from the Fez Ballroom have a field trip scheduled to Portland's own Velveteria!
It is a place dedicated to the highest form of art ever. The Velvet Painting. I won't go own and on about how this may turn out to be a watershed day for yorustruly. I will just show you a few samples from thier myspace gallery!


Missing. One insane person.

Anybody have eyes on Percept? I lost track of this total total TOTAL mad man and sometimes tattoo artist. I traded him a shotgun for my back work. There is just something so...I don't know down right classy about giving a lunatic a shotgun to tattoo Johnny Cash lyrics accross your back and then buying it back from him...when I did buy it back he felt bad and gave me a trash can with A bunch of Twist Josh and Rem tags done by Barry. hmmm twist hitting up REM...if you know the history you know.

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I am just gonna throw some dirt on right here i think.

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you WISH you had this..errr uhmm one of you does....I ain't sayin who tho' and it sure ain't me. Mulhahahahaha....

Yeah...I am not even gonna talk about it.

I really appreciate anyone who comes back into read this. That includes Random cats, Designer's who work as waiters, my parents and possibly an ex-strictly platonic buddy...Thanks everybody for checking in. Its killing me I got a desktop folder full of posts so get ready...Until then, with this intermittent connection i have, I will be keeping'em short and pro'ly a pic or two...Speaking of. that Huur we go.

I'm the one in the middle cold lampin on the cooler. Oh the other two guys, yeah I am being flanked by the other two Willy's, Buck and Roger. Best guys I ever met. I am STIll in that shadow.

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Yeah so all I have is this for you.

I'ah beat chu real nice'ah with ah'da bat okay? Okay!


"Tito hand me a tissue, Jermain stop teasing" - E. Murphy

I cannot get over how much I have missed bloggin. I think I have a handel on the Sassy sometimes down right canankerous Mickity Mac G5, known to the the hommies round the way as "D.A.R.Y.A.L."...

Lets start this off with a picture. One of the Dead Prez played into last night and inspired a little somethin somethin...

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2nd time

this marks the second time in 2 weeks i have been able to connect. and I have to goto work. sorry if you been seeing a whole lotta nuthin...Emily. if you catch this one you looked great. I am proud of you...you know except for...


Its been a hot minute and I am already going cold.

I was offline for a week. eh' whatever felt good to not hafta be a slave to you F&*%#kers for a while...just kidding I love you all so much. I will be updating like mad here in a bit but right now I need a disco nap and a shower! Check out hellominor for the leaked images of the new line!

I was hired to draw the grass (and by grass i mean real bladesof grass not that weed) for this one. I don't know if I am aloud to tell you that?!