First Matty got his Caddy now He rides a Bike!

Hahahah I made the little ditty up so I figured I needed to make a post about it...as soon as I can post his video clip off of You Tube I will!

For real Matt, drive safe man. From all the people here at it's Go Time we love ya and don't wanna see you go out like a hood ornament!!

Maybe we can roll out sometime...

Here is the only Hog in my garage. A 990's era Never Opened Mint in Box Harley Bike by defunct corp. Roadmaster. Yeah it even makes the VroooOOOOoM noise when you twist the grip. Any buyers out there? $700.00 (as appraised by the New England Muscle Bike Museum)

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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david said...

Hey Dan....er Crack.

Just wanted to drop a line and let you know that your blog is awesome. It is nice to read while I am over here in BKK....Which reminds me, thanks for the mention!!!!

Tomorrow I will go to the Futura/Modified party, I guess Nat, the owner of the store "Modified" was one of the guys that frequented the mini half pipe back in the day, which makes us ALL homies for life!

anyways, feel free to delete this drunken ramble once you have read it.

Keep up the good work and as usual, rock out with your cock out good buddy.


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