My nephew is a total Foodie...urgh i hate that word.

Eben’s sandwich

1, 3, 2 lions
don’t have mustard
I need to put pickles
4 half bread
you need to make tea for him
olives spicy

it’s a birthday cake. He can do that. Make a birthday cake

spicy olives
a birthday hat to say happy birthday
purple color
we have a problem, forgot to add mustard on my cake to eat
Uncle Daniel can have my birthday on Saturday
Where daddy’s cake go?

By a mixer
you can make fruit or something
coffee beans and that grinderthing
you need to take the coffee bean
then you pour in coffee grinder
and it makes a loud noise errrrrrrrrrr

I need a construction hat


Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Daniel -
I like that you put it up on a .com.
Love, Eben

photo blog girl said...

"Uncle Daniel" huh? Future, beware.