Nothing Beats new Porn...nographer's

and thier video from the film FUBAR...Takes aim at that lovely time in music...you know between Jefferson Air Plane and Jefferson Starship. I call it the magic hour!

I am now an Outlaw

or at least I picked up a contract to do Outlaw Bar's Posters...So this saturday if you haven't commited yourself to works somewheres else...goto Outlaw's Bar to see The Blasters!!


This is a gallery in PDX run by one of the regulars that comes to the club I work on friday nights, David Heifetz. This gallery does the kinda shows I dig..the ones that are all over the map. Who wants to see Paintings of Flowers every month over and over again. Check out the gallery. Check out the site.

Quick Link to Ye Olde' Reel

The Reel


How to survive a robot uprising

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During an infiltration (or escape) you will need to pass unnoticed by robot surveillance. Most robots will be readily identifiable to each other through encrypted markers. How will you convince the robots that you are warm circuits wrapped in a thin candy shell?


A damaged robot may exhibit strange behavior while failing to transmit identification.


Stuff aluminum foil in your pants. Rub your exposed skin with cool mud. Hang a hulking piece of gold metal around your neck and slip into an Adidas jumpsuit. Your heat signature will not match a healthy robot, nor will it match a healthy human being.


An occasional screeching beep or boop should suffice. Make it quick and strangled; this is no audition.


Early robots exhibited a trademark clumsiness that spawned a dance called the robot. Contemporary robots are more dexterous - unless broken. Pretend you are either damaged machinery or a well-oiled break-dancing machine, and pop and lock your way into the heart of robot territory.


You're just a poser, so ignore other robots and pretend to be completely oblivious to the environment. Keep your head down and shuffle forward with a steady, even pace. The fate of the entire human race may depend on it.

Hand to Hand:

If you find yourself in a brawl with a robot, your only hope is to escape. A robot foe won't trade insults and it can't be intimidated. You should fully expect a swift pincer-clamping attack without warning. Follow the rules of disengagement; every second you spend within arm's reach of a robot can take years off of your life - all of them.


Sensors are by far the most vulnerable, exposed parts of any robot. Destroy or disable outward-facing sensors such as cameras. A handful of dirt, mud, or water will suffice. It is hard for a robot to wipe mud from its eyes when it has whirring buzz saws for hands.


To consider the alternative, imagine getting your hair caught in the garbage disposal.


Unless you can punch through sheet metal.


Your pathetic human hands are useless here. Choose a blunt or pointed instrument (serrated edges don't work against metal or durable plastic). Even a simple crowbar can save your life - you can run away while the robot condescendingly bends it into a pretzel shape.


A humanoid robot can block (or throw) a punch about twice as fast as a human black belt can. In comparison, the typical inebriated human brawler doesn't have a fighting chance.


Pretend that you just lit the fuse on a cheap Chinese firecracker the size of a dog house

Yeah well we all gotta get old and fat and broke someday...happy birfday

Blond Skinny Twenty...you're nobody till you find yourself on Youtube!



"I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked, dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix, angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night...."

new poster...I'm on the fence, what do you think?

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I hate the day glow..

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I feel...imitated..errr copied.

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I did mine almost a year and a half ago...maybe longer.

Blurred Vision

The new Mustang ads...well done.

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As requested!

So this guy named Les checked out my front end...

Les Schwab! He had his man Tom look my van up and down for about 2hrs and he came over and told me there was nuthin wrong on my front end. Nice guy didn't try to sell anything and didn't charge me a cent for the exploritory surgery. Thanks Les over at 1210 NW 19th ave. Portland regon


They put the SUPER in Super Groups...

Yes its Boney M.

Black Lace

And it wouldnt be a super group blog with out Dr.Alban

God Bless You tube with out I woulda never seen this gem...


more new paintings for DOOMTOWN Friday Night

Come down to the Crystal Ballroom for a painting and an EYE-full of other stuff.


i got new paintings...or pained new'uns

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Mas Pics after the show this Friday at DOOM|TOWN..hopefull i wont have to bring all these paintings home with me!


Dolls by Robert W. Service

She said: "I am too old to play
With dolls," and put them all away,
Into a box, one rainy day.

I think she must have felt some pain,
She looked so long into the rain,
Then sighed: "I'll bring you out again;

"For I'll have little children too,
With sunny hair and eyes of blue
And they will play and play with you.

"And now good-bye, my pretty dears;
There in the dark for years and years,
Dream of your little mother's tears."

Eglantine, Pierrot and Marie Claire,
Topsy and Tiny and Teddy Bear,
Side by side in the coffer there.

Time went by; one day she kneeled
By a wooden Cross in Flanders Field,
And wept for the One the earth concealed;

And made a vow she would never wed,
But always be true to the deathless dead,
Until the span of her life be sped.

* *
* * *
* *

More years went on and they made her wise
By sickness and pain and sacrifice,
With greying tresses and tired eyes.

And then one evening of weary rain,
She opened the old oak box again,
And her heart was clutched with an ancient pain

For there in the quiet dark they lay,
Just as they were when she put them away…
O but it seemed like yesterday!

Topsy and Tiny and Teddy Bear,
Eglantine, Pierrot and Marie Claire,
Ever so hopefully waiting there.

But she looked at them through her blinding tears,
And she said: "You've been patient, my pretty dears;
You've waited and waited all these years.

"I've broken a promise I made so true;
But my heart, my darlings, is broken too:
No little Mothers have I for you.

"My hands are withered, my hair is grey;
Yet just for a moment I'll try to play
With you as I did that long dead day…

"Ah no, I cannot. I try in vain . . .
I stare and I stare into the rain . . .
I'll put you back in your box again.

"Bless you, darlings, perhaps one day,
Some little Mother will find you and play,
And once again you'll be glad and gay.

"But when in the friendly dark I lie,
No one will ever love you as I . . . .
My little children . . . good-bye . . . good-bye."