I'm drinkin Heart Brake Motor-oil. Bombay Gin!

Airside ROCKS! & WRITES!

If you were gonna order me one...
"I'm drinkin Heart Brake Motor-oil, Bombay Gin! I'll Sleep when I'm dead" - W.Zevon

Kinda Cool

check it out at digital gravel...lets see how large it makes your dome look!


My whole life we have had a VW van in our Family.

And we are so not hippies...We camp but we don't follow The Grateful Dead on tour you feel me? Anyways i always send my pops pics of his van I find..Usually in better shape than this.

Pics laying around unfiled my desk top for whatever reason.

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Sun Shine Snowy

Yeah usally I have a reason for posting a picture. this one just captured yesterday afternoon so poorly and nicely at the same time I feel I gots ta share.

**Click it**
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On top of it I usally Pshop the helloutta pics this one, not so much.



Why wouldn't I? Not to would be to let the terrorists win...by stealing our freedom.


I was cooking when i thought of this. I should have kept cooking this idea a little longer.

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"OHHHH THE HUGE MANITEE!....OHHHH" - Herbert Morrison. New Jersey, May 6th, 1936


If you didn't know...

My dad's back home!

Mo'Info real soonmeow. Did up u just say "Meow"?

*Click me get Big*
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Special Print for me from Hellominor...Ghetto cat T! Thanks Dave.


Hop-a-Long Lowenstein and Calamity Cal...from yer uncle.

What Kinda uncle don't get his Nephews some Boots when he is in the BINS? A poor one. Who does get'em? Quality Stock Uncle's such as myself. Eben Cal...enjoys!

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** yeah turquoise and tassles, they gonna have to learn to fight young if they wann stomp in these boots. You can Thank me later guys. Roll yer cuffs and dust yer knuckles, your going to the PARK!

IF you EVER held a can

...and then thought..Yo if HAZE and ESPO got their own NIKEs why can't I?Call these kids they will swing by your house, it'll take a sec cause brothers is One Flowin and Bus Hoppin thier way over but when they get there tell'em your NIKE dreams your T-Shirt Company dreams and Your Big Thangs Plans and they will stomp a mud hole in yer butt and walk it dry. THESE are WRITERS.

this is heart. This is SF this is Arrriiiii'.

Urrgh son look at that 1 on the one flow. ! used to mean rolling solo for Delf but now...who knows


Blah a store did a tie in with a car compay...BE STILL MY QUAKING MARKETING STRATAGIES BE STILL!! Yeah why with all my Poo-Poo'ing am I talkin and ah'blogin bout it? It looks slick.

NOW wit this whole dealy with Frank Budnitz co-opting a perfectly good slang Dunny, that shit is a whole nother Blog You heard? Word up Dunny!

Quick Graphic RePost. Some Current work. Some old dustys for filler.

Just a quick online bare bones identity|Treatment|Graphic Design Portfolio PLEASE email me at: Crack's Communique System

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Okay up there we had some stills from a spot I did with Sai Man Chow and Brand New School for Cartoon Network. Then there is the AND 1 shoes Logo re-Design and treatment. Stills from a 30 second in store spot. That was through Manhattan Transfer. Then there is Some Mtv stills for Mtv Sports type spot.
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Yeah so here is some Stuff I did for playboy with the skulls, repeating all over textile pattern. I liked that one. then some self for me projects. Those gotta keep busy illustrations.
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Some Album work for several bands. Slighty Stoopid is a still from the Honeypot video animations I did..they were okay but the next Subline, yeah not so much.
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I'm stuck in black and white. Try'in to get back to some color.
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What can I say? Peanut butter is IN FACT the Jam.
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Just a bunch of stuff Flyers Album artwork personal illustrations. Things I thought would be funny.



Yeah so the Downs one is shameful and was designed upon request and for cash...shamefull Phil...Awful. CONECT FOUR, YOUR TURN LOSER!

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*See anything you want? Order it to be made...Demand it...cry foul if I won't*


The bins..only three pics sorry.

Imagine a place where you could go prior to Goodwill seperating out out the good stuff and buy it all...by the pound. There is such a place and it is called the Bins.

PS if yer not careful the regulars will stomp a mudhole in your ass and then walk it dry...i shit you not.

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My dad is still in the hospitol.

He isn't even in a room he is in a unit so I can't call him. I'm pretty well turned upside down by all this. I want him to come home already.

so do they.

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Look...you guys are like a hot minute away....

A hot minute away from straight up wearing teething Rings, Glow sticks Neon Mickey Mouse gloves and Candy jewelry...Back away from the cliff Urban / Graphic Design people.

This is you today...

This could be your Fruit Loop ass tomorrow UTTZZ UTZZZ:

He's BACK...Back in a New York GroooOOOve..

Okay Espo is fromPhilly but he is doing this little sale in NYC (hence the Ace Freely Song Grabthere in the title!). Oh he gave us On the Go then The art of getting over and a plethera of other goodness...he personally gave me daps for racking up like a feind from his show. And NO i didn't take the owners copy of the art of getting over, I swear. I copped some heard to find Japan shit!

check it:

I wanna stop right here and thank The Blue House in Venice Bch, and Mister Powers himself for getting the drop on me but still charing it to the game. Also My Zo messenger bag fYou all lent a hand in paying my rent at my studio for three months one summer. OH and ebay thanks ebay!

Buddyro I am right proud of you...

5:50 am My time D:
So Willy I just spoke for a secodn to you so my timing was good. Your getting the process where they check for the clots then use a defribulator or something to try and shock your rate to normal. I am gonna go ahead and cock back out d, MC&SKYO!

**This is the top of my original post yesterday**

As soon as you get out I will take down this picture. I know you hate it but you can't blame me right? I didn't ask for you to born'd me, so it's your fault.

Two hound dogs who are waiting for you to get your butt off that Lazy-Numbers-matic Adjustable bed and back on the boat with them for a little ride up the river.

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Dad, I love you.

Little Update: 3:17pm ---

Talked to you a while ago Willy. You seem to be enjoy'in the adjustable bed. I was just kidding about the Bed I didn't know you had such a nice one there. I found this on my own by google'in your pulse rate and the word Heart Flutter and then I spoke with Laurie and she conferred the same thing the "my analyses about to lead me to that conclusion too". I guess and she diagnosed the same thing: Atrial Fibrillation

I Think the doc should give you some low dose prescriptions of Cooter and Six time. They are very very medicinally beneficial. See?

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My Moms got them the most adorible Costumes. I would say that I really think that's wrong, dressing an animal...But i will say this a quick aside to my Dad's situation...You just TRY not to meet women if your walking them and one of your dogs is dressed like a yellow Chicken/angel/duck costume and the other a Geisha Happy Endings Massuse..thanks mom. D get well, get home, get them dogs!

The Art of Getting Over..tender ears DON'T PLAY

and I was under the impression that all canadians were I don't know, more like Dave Folley than...like uhmmm...This guy right here.


Pink Powerless Ranger.

McQueen. full stop.

Yeah, tough guy thats right I am talking bout Great Escape McQueen...Bad ass McQueen. Dead McQueen. Now thanks to the awsomeness of money this mans life is for sale to you. You could even have this awsome lil'aviators git-up in your currio cabinet! Just think of the remarks you'd get during your 5 card hold'em parties, and then when you got drunk enough to just wear it round the party OMFG LMAO indeed....Friend Steve would kick you in your ass.

I'd suggest that having the ways and means you aquire a little indian.

Anyways goto Bonhams & Butterfeilds



Soon Come...yeah. that's the word. Bout a week to fix...I guess thems the brakes.

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Nah son, you caint't see me!

Yeah that's right see through..then they gonna have lights on them then you can project your ad's and photos and films on them...and so on...the future is clear. Check it.

Head Porter. Best Design ever..today..so far...

Actually I remember like'in their duffel bags back in HS. My Japanese roommate's had two of'em. Anyways. Look. Head Porter. (and this is just the label):

Hello Minor X my Grandmother

My Grandmother gave my dad a book of illustrated novelty grave stones and epithet's, sayings, Limerick whatever way back in '64 but in '05...HM saw it appropriated and altered it and further polished the design...Anyways bouncing at the TUBE other night a cat rolls in that shirt. He was as bored as you probably are reading this one.

Heartwarming? Huh? A little?

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Not a thing wasted...

Thanks Freddy.

Thanks for the Music.


reminds me of..me.

Not a bite just a nibble.

Hand Picked Cotton's:

Cracked Le Roche:

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check'em, they good tho...