Some Things are so european and still...

...I don't hate it on principle like I do...well...most things that are so european. In fact I love Herman Dune more even than Jonathan Richman, and he is american! Hmmmm I long for the days of US isolationism and the ease of Ceasar's Roman Law! Days when ice cream men sold Grape Anthony Candy and I could lay by the public pool in Ft.Meade Maryland listening to that song that had the hook that went "I am a creature of the night!" then went into the "Oh OHHHHOh OHHHH oh OH Oh Oh OOOH OH OHHHHH oh OHHHH"...wait where was I going with this? HERMAN DUNE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN:


If they have any left get on it.

They have had them up for 4 or 5 days now I think and I KNOW they sold out in three last time. Grab it like free Shoes...like money on the ground...like whoa.
click on the skull I'msayin.


right now, this second I am wearing Cross Color Cape and a Hyper Color T...

Look I missed the memo that said that it was okay for us to start designin' and wearing gay german back pack colors from the 80s-90s ...

Rememebr how they used to try and rock these horrible pastel Pinks Blues and Greens? I do...it's not okay. NO! I think that BAPE and a few others are trying to make us soft like those eurosissys.

come one guys for real...COME ON.

I mean honestly stick with Black and White...Stick with hellominor.com

Thanks for the help D!

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Shon Tomlin, how cool is this guy?

I was working the door at the Doug Fir Lounge (where yes I won Hottest stripperrrrr....I mean Nicest Bouncer.) and This gentleman heard me mention the new Christian Hosoi film and how I would like to see it. He asked his friend and co-worker if they had a copy, he said he would get one and then 2 months later in the mail from the Desk of Shon Tomlin, The Pres of Head Honcho and Coolness I get 1 DVD about Hosoi and a hand written note saying "I didn't forget about you!" he didn't Shon THANKS...countless NIKE and ADIDAS people go screw yer'selfs and you're free shoes.( NOT YOU J!)

You da man Shon!

What UPSO yo?

I like. I mean It is straight forward and clean and you can tell someone ain't dumb and just drah'in pictures. UPSO has picked up a news paper or is at least savy to the goings on around himself and allows that to sting him and duely trnaslates into his work...WHAT did that just make annnnnNNNY sense at all? For real son? I gotta learn to self edit that kinda jibba jabba. BUT NOT TODAY!

Is it on? Like Donkey Kong my friend!

It's Go Time!

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Do dooodDOOO DO do do do do dooooo It's The FINAL COUNT DOWN

Come on down - you’re a final four nominee in the 2006 BarFly Awards! Portland has voted, and you made the final cut! Now all you have to do is WIN. The final voting takes place live and in person at the BarFly Awards at The Rialto (529 SW 4th) on Sunday, October 15th (9pm-1am), so all you need to do is show up and work the room, kiss some hands and shake some babies. To help you stuff the ballot box, you’ll have your own personal guest list of 20 friends and fans - you just need to email me their names by noon on Sunday, and you’ll be all set (they’ll need to show I.D. at the door, and the door person will have their names on the list).

We’ll be passing out the official nomination packets tomorrow, which will also include paper invitations for your passing out pleasure. If we can’t track you down, and you haven’t received your packet by Sunday, just send us your guest list via email, and you’ll be good to go!

Just about everything’s on the house at the 2006 BarFly Awards - free booze, beer and hors d’oeuvres courtesy of our generous sponsors. Dressing to impress is encouraged, but there is no dress code. Be sure to prepare an acceptance speech!

Please reply back to me to let me know you’ve received this, and whether or not you’ll be able to make it. You can still win if you’re not present, but it’s not as much fun, so I do hope you’ll be able to make it (or, at least send a native american girl to pick up your award for you, in absentia). If you have any questions, shoot. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Want to see who else made the cut? I’ve included the hot list, below. Make sure you check it twice, some of you are nominated in multiple categories!

Good luck! You’re already a winner, to me. And speaking of winners, the 2006 BarFly Awards are brought to you by the fine folks at Tarantula, Polar Ice, Wiser’s, Miller, Bishops, The Rialto, and BarFly!

Your pal,

Jen Lane

The 2006 BarFly Awards Final Fours!

Please note, names are listed in alphabetical order. FYI - at the Awards, there will also be a last-minute write-in space on the ballot for each award, too!

1. Fastest guns in the West? i.e. Portland's fastest bartender - don't forget to add where they work, please, and if there are multiple locations with the same name, please be as specific as possible

Jason Keebler (Sabala's)
Lincoln (Embers)
Mike Templeton (Fez)
Stephanie Smith (Dante's)

3. Hottest item not on the menu (dreamiest waiter or waitress)? Please include the name of their restaurant, too, and if there's multiple locations with the same name, please be as specific as possible!

David Rives Curtwright (Dante's)
Stephanie (Sabala's, Doug Fir)
Sera (Tube, Captain Ankeny’s, Matador)
Ty (Devils Point)

4. Nicest bouncer? Please include where they work, and if there's multiple locations with the same name, please be as specific as possible!

Casey (Fez)
Crack De La Roc Dan (Doug Fir, Fez) Whoodini Said it folks!! "Say what you want but just spell my name right!
Ice Box (Sabala's)
Justin (Dante’s, Thunder Ranch)


They Like me They Like me they REALLY REALLY kinda just barely like me...

Well I got some recognition today for being at least half competent at my gig...I got Nominated By BarFly Magazine in Portland as Nicest Bouncer in The City...I just hope If I win I get a silk sash and perhaps some sort of Tiera!

Check the link VOTE now!! Goto the blog section then in the first blow is a link from which you can vote on the nomeniees

Daddy and Home if you know me, then you know.


Gator like totally put her in a skate bag I heard!!

Hey I found a site that has pics of IDs...good IDs. Man such a good idea. Capture that moment. That time. Those hair cuts. Visit Noidskate an if you got one submit it!


Okay so in the last week this has become the annoying CAR blog I KNOW...so what.

I promise next week it'll be about Graffiti and Wack limited shoes from Nike that you will never own anyways so there...SO THERE.

Now, bow down to Southern Motor Company


From our good friends at Hellominor comes...

A polive evidence photo of what was found in Willie Nelson's ashtray...Good thing they just got his roach instead of what he started out with!

Oh word?


Cars cars cars...i'm on a car kick.

Okay GM does it. Finally thier testicles have desended and they brought back the Mighty Panel Side. When I was a kid I used to play in an old panel side dilvery truck from the 50's that was junked in the woods. I loved that car and didnt see the rust bucket with the pine trees growing through the wheel wells I saw me behind the wheel(where it used to be) driving somethin' a LOT like THIS...

okay okay truth be told I would rather push THIS panel than drive a new Chevy HHR

and a right Nice ass right huuur...

but still ya know..nice move chevy'rolet


New one..phone'd in or...DIAL'd in..hmmm

GO HIPPYS!!***I went by this show to pull a poster and by 1120pm ALL of them were gone...everyone except the one in the managers office and that was only black and white...thanks for the ego booster hippies

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pssst...yo...wanna ride in my van...c'mon now...just get in.

Okay so I have told some friends about my Van Plan...So I will tell the rest of ya'll. Soon Come to the highways and biways and probably mechanic shops in my neighborhood THE "Crack La Van. Yes they all laughed at me and yes most made references to vans='child molester. Haha yeah NOT SO MUCH. I need to move into a ride with something else, with style and flair and with some shameless self Crack promotion painted on the side of it. Pop's had a great idea too and I will post up the shots of it if and when his idea comes to fruition and if i get the fan etc...

I amtrying to go see this one today...the guy is hard to pin down for a time but we'll see, anyways heres pics.

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Black is the new Black this season...or so I hear.

I hate finding nice fashion like **NOM DE GUERRE** and then being a fat cat who can never fit in it...but still this brand came to me through a New friend of mine Ryan from The Ace Hotel and dontstop productions(if i don't have that right i will fix it and get a link too)

Last night I met Chris'ses's...

The guys from...Crooked tongues. Real nice cats too. I didn't know them but I told them that they would have to leave all their Kicks out side the club with me as I was the one checking thier IDs and they were like..Uhmmm fo'real? I said no and gave them a hard time knowing they were from england and had the right gear to the inth degree I figured they were here for Nike or Adi...turns out they were. check thier site jock thier wears...hit'em up.


This one was obvious.

this blog is IN the shop for a redesign...Back soon. We are BACK check below for the obvious idea after "good lookin out!

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Not everything can be this easy.

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"I constantly hone my craft!" - David Choe, artist, slope

Because I loves ya'll and you would enjoy it here is a telling look into how I work. How I get down with the amusing drawings you see around here. It started the other night when I said I was "Highfive'in, testify'in" to a Beaverton Bridge and Tunnel Taint Bag Team Captain(in an abacrombie Hurly Uniform). At home I have a file called T- Ideas I write down my earth shattering a-list material gifts to mankind ideas I get. That way when I wanna draw something or translate a gag idea to a design I dip into it...SO after all that crap I just said, this is the original note for that design:

"High Fives and Testifies!
bible and hands smackin jesus BOOYAH"

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I think on some levels its better than the final. Lets face it anything that says Smack, Jesus, and BOOYA in rapid sucsession is golden from jump st. and you KNOW it!!