"I constantly hone my craft!" - David Choe, artist, slope

Because I loves ya'll and you would enjoy it here is a telling look into how I work. How I get down with the amusing drawings you see around here. It started the other night when I said I was "Highfive'in, testify'in" to a Beaverton Bridge and Tunnel Taint Bag Team Captain(in an abacrombie Hurly Uniform). At home I have a file called T- Ideas I write down my earth shattering a-list material gifts to mankind ideas I get. That way when I wanna draw something or translate a gag idea to a design I dip into it...SO after all that crap I just said, this is the original note for that design:

"High Fives and Testifies!
bible and hands smackin jesus BOOYAH"

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I think on some levels its better than the final. Lets face it anything that says Smack, Jesus, and BOOYA in rapid sucsession is golden from jump st. and you KNOW it!!

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