Shon Tomlin, how cool is this guy?

I was working the door at the Doug Fir Lounge (where yes I won Hottest stripperrrrr....I mean Nicest Bouncer.) and This gentleman heard me mention the new Christian Hosoi film and how I would like to see it. He asked his friend and co-worker if they had a copy, he said he would get one and then 2 months later in the mail from the Desk of Shon Tomlin, The Pres of Head Honcho and Coolness I get 1 DVD about Hosoi and a hand written note saying "I didn't forget about you!" he didn't Shon THANKS...countless NIKE and ADIDAS people go screw yer'selfs and you're free shoes.( NOT YOU J!)

You da man Shon!


JKent said...

:D I had to pay for my One Time Only's remember... and they cost a bundle.

Crack La Rock said...

DUDE I EXCEMPTED YOU!! Your the hommie ! You had me a pen when i needed one at the Rialto hahaha even better you never even pretened to notice i was looking at the shoes not you till you actually handde me the pen and I played it off like I knew you the whole time(and I kept jocking the kicks anyways!)...but you my friend are a NIKE Man of his word!