Making this pattern based on old salt and pepper shakers we had in my dads van growing up! Made By the kids at St. Libre school in Montana back in the 70s.


The Count Down Starts

MAtt after years and much much internet time and personal trials and tribulations we are gonna be able to give each other a hip hop hug*. I am thinking I may have a couple drinks so that if I get something in my eye or maybe my eye allergies act up right then or whatever, then you know I can blame it on the Steel Reserve's High Gravity. Cause I mean it may play out all "Naw man, I aint crying SHUT UP YOUR CRYING!" Just know this...But I digress. Cant wait to be at your weddding Fabolis fade! Seems like just yesterday you were bloggin from Europe...okay I am getting all eye allergy'y.

HA! Big Up yerself mang! See you on the 24thish!

(*pls note: I swear if you go for the pound/blow it up combination I turn around leave and you are dead to me.)