The Count Down Starts

MAtt after years and much much internet time and personal trials and tribulations we are gonna be able to give each other a hip hop hug*. I am thinking I may have a couple drinks so that if I get something in my eye or maybe my eye allergies act up right then or whatever, then you know I can blame it on the Steel Reserve's High Gravity. Cause I mean it may play out all "Naw man, I aint crying SHUT UP YOUR CRYING!" Just know this...But I digress. Cant wait to be at your weddding Fabolis fade! Seems like just yesterday you were bloggin from Europe...okay I am getting all eye allergy'y.

HA! Big Up yerself mang! See you on the 24thish!

(*pls note: I swear if you go for the pound/blow it up combination I turn around leave and you are dead to me.)

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