The RD...thats THEE Readers Digest for cretins outside the esteemed world of academia.

I sent my life's work into them this week. A joke. A shot at glory fame and riches. I may have tread to close to the sun yes, it's true and remember also that some gave all and I gave This Joke:

Q:How can you tell if Dracula's Sick?
A:You can hear him COFFIN'

Below is my most recent communique with THE RD. As of now we are talking to each others people, having their people call their people and my people are calling themselves. I have never felt closer to the great ones than I do now, on this the cusp of my graduation from craigslist to becoming a published author...I feel the kinship to Hemingway, Karouc, Rushdie...Bernard Fife. It's heady company!

Dear daniel ,

Thank you for sharing your submission with us. We'll be in touch if we decide to publish your contribution.

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Skinny Legs and All...

(design by Vladimir Tzesler and Sergei Voichenko)

AMAZING Polish designed Movie Posters of the 80's

These are about the most amazingly designed posters I have ever run across. I am simply in AWE. These are all from Well Medicated.

I mean look how cool they made Harry and The Henderson's look!?!


Sexy People

Sexy People. No other way to describe it. Sexy People.

Slow Muther Truckin Sunday

I woke up went to see Burn After Reading. Had Coffee. Sat down here to check myspace. 19,000 some odd hits(actually about 23,000 I reset about 4 years ago for some reason.) What I would like you to take away from this post: Burn after reading was not very good. But I will say this, J.K. Simmons OWNED the movie. He was worth the price of admission. Thanks J.K.



You may recall that I helped a couple bring a baby into their world!

Grace stopped by to say "hi" a little while back.

Ever notice tragic Web Content / Web Advertising combonations?

I found this the other day and snapped a photo. The moral? Is it "DON'T BUY NIKEs"? No. I think it is closer to "DON'T STOP AT A DICE GAME.". That is what he did on the way to the store. The 13 year old decided it prudent to stop by a dice game. He joked about getting together with a friends sister and then got shot. The Web ad gods decided to be tragically ironic to put a NIKE ad for sneakers at the top of the article *CLICK* on the flick for a larger Pic!


Thank you Dutch Boobs

My site's HIGHEST EVER traffic came from people searching the Phrase "Dutch Boobs" Bless people and their Google searches. Here at It's go Time I'd like to be thought of as a guy who Gives Back! So for those out there who have sites Dedicated to The Dutch and their boobs I will give you some traffic in return:

And here is a link to my original Post!

Rock out with you Luray Caven's out!

Legend has it, okay FAMILY legend has it that when i was but a wee child visiting Luray Cavern's IN Virgina that I climbed high atop my fathers shoulders and said softly "I gotta pee.". Okay I YELLED at the top of my lungs "I GOTTA PEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.: BEFORE I WAS SMACKED AND SILENECED BY THE MAN...opps all caps...Anyway I just seemed to enjoy the cavernous acoustics so much i thought i'd indulge in a little echo effect. It echoed for a very VERY long time...If I am not mistaken it was in the middle of a Guided Tour. So memorable I forgot all about the Stalagtite Organ.

*from environmentalgraffiti.com

PS Check out the Blue on Blue on BLUE color combo the guy in the picture is rock. Dapper as all hell ain't he?