Rock out with you Luray Caven's out!

Legend has it, okay FAMILY legend has it that when i was but a wee child visiting Luray Cavern's IN Virgina that I climbed high atop my fathers shoulders and said softly "I gotta pee.". Okay I YELLED at the top of my lungs "I GOTTA PEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.: BEFORE I WAS SMACKED AND SILENECED BY THE MAN...opps all caps...Anyway I just seemed to enjoy the cavernous acoustics so much i thought i'd indulge in a little echo effect. It echoed for a very VERY long time...If I am not mistaken it was in the middle of a Guided Tour. So memorable I forgot all about the Stalagtite Organ.

*from environmentalgraffiti.com

PS Check out the Blue on Blue on BLUE color combo the guy in the picture is rock. Dapper as all hell ain't he?

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