Your peoples can't make movies like my peoples

Thee preeminent Thai Western...Somewhere John Ford is turning in his grave...TURNING TO GET A BETTER VIEW!!

Hey big shouttie to Hellominor thanks

This one Goes out to s special lady...Joy Hei...Hue..Hi..McHsomething.

Hey Hubble...Thanks boo

And it all comes back to you...

I know I know another glut of you tuube video clips with no real or viable subtance...viral vid's at best...but everybody needs a smile and if you show a little love it'll all come back to you! (gayest segway ever):

I went to see The Departed the other night and there was a coke commercial based on Grand Theft Auto except after the guy drank some coke he went through the city doing nice things for people..the song was familiar and the lyrics came easily. The stares and "SHHHHHHSS'es" came sonn after. I knew I knew the song. *look for scott baio and jodi foster(shes got pie on her face, shes next to fat sam!)

and the Grand Coke Auto one...


errr..this kinda goes against everything I....AWWW HUGS!

Okay the next one is from Korea..have you been to Korea? I have, a bunch a times...I can't Buh'lee that he got one hug...man I feel bad I have knocked Korea and Taiwan BOTH in like one hours time...I swear I lOVE the rest of SE ASIA and ASIA.

Sentimental Journy


Ain't nuthin nice...

I have never had ANYTHING nice to say about Taiwan...Shitty Airport, Food Sucks, attiude alll daaaay looong...and worst of all David Sun. The moocher who lived at my house and ate my Captin Crunch with Chocolate milk...he also broke both knees ice skate'in so you know, it worked out just fine for me...but like I said. Taiwan sucks...or it did until I saw this clip. Apparently all it took was 10 years since my last trip, the proliferation of Hip Hop BET and booty shakin videos and it is now a pretty cool place...enjoy the clip.

Pub @ Taiwan - video powered by Metacafe


the great Grenade debate

I have been debating on installing a grenade on my gear shifter...i am a little afraid it may blow up even though the nice man at the store said it would not...blow up. I have now found a BETTER idea...possibly the coolest idea ever. this is the shifter from the truck i profiled a couple posts ago...behold.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Thats a steak knife friends.

new posters

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Mercury Weekly

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Willamette Weekley

Kozyndan...i loves'em

go to thier site. look around. buy me prints. check out the Hula Girls.

I love these ones alotespeciallymostofall.


I have many hats. I wear them too.

None this grand tho'

I do however wear a few felt hats, I have The Rude Boy, The RUN DMC, The Wow that actually works who knew Felt Hat! *pictured below

Tonite I found my hat heaven...Villagehatshop

I dig the stingy brimmed ones, they make me say Oi!

and lord knows I likes muh' Fedora's sans feathers! Oh yeah its 200 plus bucks but at the end of the day isn't Beaver Fur worth it? Isn't I worth it?

But after all is said and done and I have made some hard choices I think I'd take this little number to wear as I drive my van around. I would wear it ever day. Imagine passing me by and looking into the window and seeing me Gold Teefs a sparklin and atop my big fat head this pretty little number, cocked wryly to the side of course...Imagine.

But at the end of the day I suspect that most of you imagine me wearing one of these with my address, name, phone number pin'd to my shirt and just a little spit drippin off my chin...Admit it.

Croce's like pudding...

There's ALWAYS time for Croce!

The man, the myth, the Mo'stache.


"I'm hip, let's ride!"

CUSHMAN SCOOTERS each and everyone of us needs one. We'll start a cushman gang, it'll be neat!

AND FINALLY...my personal ride...you know after I hit the numbers.

His name is Pet.

I stumbled across a pic of him at slam hype...he is a dueche bag. He is wearing pink. Have I mentioned that I don't like him. He is flossin that box of AF1's like whoa. But I ASSURE YOU Pet had nver heard of AF1's before Nelly rap'd about'em. Have I mentioned I don't like Pet.

To start a Fire.

Be prepared!

I love the railroad

Here is a picture:

Here is a song:

Jimmie the Kid!

Here is a Train Horn I acquired:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I wanna but I won't...be installing it on the Van.

Here s a job:

Choo Choo


yes please. chopped and channel'd

If your super bannans lotto winner rich and you'd care to help support this blog please buy me this.

More unte more...

And then just when it gets really funny...the fun police step in.


I want. I need. I toast my bread in a frying pan...i mean i BURN my toast in a frying pan.

I am laughing so hard i am crying right now...

So I'm browse'in doing my thing thang..trying to get a little stank on my hang low in CL..just kidding I was lurking in Auto Sites dreaming of hittin ghte Lotto and buying me and my pops matching Pontiac Solstice's when I ran accross this link...I had seen it all before the sale of the Mollar Sky car. I heard about it months ago I went to see what the final price was if any and I went to the questions section or
Questions from other members
Questions from other members
where people submit'em to the seller...scroll down and check out the first one. Its like they couldnt even take a joke.


Jah'makin money...

New Poster for the Red Head Dread Joey Izzyreal

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Elliot Smith wishes he coulda written songs like this.

Billy Joe Shaver

That one's was for somebody...you ought to be with me and you know the rights you reserve!

Okay and because I wish I could tell good stories like this but I enjoy having all my fingers...heres a good'un and yes he says Shel Silverstien, he wrote A boy Named Sue in case you didn't know.

not only is Scrimshaw my favorite word...

this is some of my favorite jewelry ever. Most of you know I am partial to toof Bling but this stuff, I could wear for ever. This one:

or this one:

I'd wear either of those till I die. Dramatic enough for ya?
check out the site:
Black Sheep and Prodigal Son