I have many hats. I wear them too.

None this grand tho'

I do however wear a few felt hats, I have The Rude Boy, The RUN DMC, The Wow that actually works who knew Felt Hat! *pictured below

Tonite I found my hat heaven...Villagehatshop

I dig the stingy brimmed ones, they make me say Oi!

and lord knows I likes muh' Fedora's sans feathers! Oh yeah its 200 plus bucks but at the end of the day isn't Beaver Fur worth it? Isn't I worth it?

But after all is said and done and I have made some hard choices I think I'd take this little number to wear as I drive my van around. I would wear it ever day. Imagine passing me by and looking into the window and seeing me Gold Teefs a sparklin and atop my big fat head this pretty little number, cocked wryly to the side of course...Imagine.

But at the end of the day I suspect that most of you imagine me wearing one of these with my address, name, phone number pin'd to my shirt and just a little spit drippin off my chin...Admit it.


mist1 said...

If I knew that you're willing to pay $200 for beaver fur, I never would have had that waxing done.

catdogpigduck said...

I've been Looking for a reasonably price Bavarian Alpine Hat for ages.

When i drink beer out of a stein with no alpine hat my german hertige makes fun of me and my naked head.

Anonymous said...

You have always loved hats since you were a little munchkin! FBW