The RD...thats THEE Readers Digest for cretins outside the esteemed world of academia.

I sent my life's work into them this week. A joke. A shot at glory fame and riches. I may have tread to close to the sun yes, it's true and remember also that some gave all and I gave This Joke:

Q:How can you tell if Dracula's Sick?
A:You can hear him COFFIN'

Below is my most recent communique with THE RD. As of now we are talking to each others people, having their people call their people and my people are calling themselves. I have never felt closer to the great ones than I do now, on this the cusp of my graduation from craigslist to becoming a published author...I feel the kinship to Hemingway, Karouc, Rushdie...Bernard Fife. It's heady company!

Dear daniel ,

Thank you for sharing your submission with us. We'll be in touch if we decide to publish your contribution.

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Complete Stranger said...

A Rock Star AND an author!!!