pssst...yo...wanna ride in my van...c'mon now...just get in.

Okay so I have told some friends about my Van Plan...So I will tell the rest of ya'll. Soon Come to the highways and biways and probably mechanic shops in my neighborhood THE "Crack La Van. Yes they all laughed at me and yes most made references to vans='child molester. Haha yeah NOT SO MUCH. I need to move into a ride with something else, with style and flair and with some shameless self Crack promotion painted on the side of it. Pop's had a great idea too and I will post up the shots of it if and when his idea comes to fruition and if i get the fan etc...

I amtrying to go see this one today...the guy is hard to pin down for a time but we'll see, anyways heres pics.

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Jodi Rae said...

You fucking stud!!!Hey lets paint our vans the same color...Mine is going to be lavender with tons of chrome, all bitched out. Oh oh oh with a surf board rack and paisley seat covers. And my bumper sticker will be, I RODE CRACK LA ROCK..FUCK YEAHAHAHA!!