Last night I met Chris'ses's...

The guys from...Crooked tongues. Real nice cats too. I didn't know them but I told them that they would have to leave all their Kicks out side the club with me as I was the one checking thier IDs and they were like..Uhmmm fo'real? I said no and gave them a hard time knowing they were from england and had the right gear to the inth degree I figured they were here for Nike or Adi...turns out they were. check thier site jock thier wears...hit'em up.

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Anonymous said...

it was good to meet you too! Sorry we didn't get to hook up with you again, but that's probably just as well, as I was nursing a stomach ulcer and the other guys were poledancing somewhere under the Burnside Bridge.

Give us a shout if you're in London... and keep an eye out for Chris Mk2 - he's in Portland right about now.

Chris (the real one)