He's BACK...Back in a New York GroooOOOve..

Okay Espo is fromPhilly but he is doing this little sale in NYC (hence the Ace Freely Song Grabthere in the title!). Oh he gave us On the Go then The art of getting over and a plethera of other goodness...he personally gave me daps for racking up like a feind from his show. And NO i didn't take the owners copy of the art of getting over, I swear. I copped some heard to find Japan shit!

check it:

I wanna stop right here and thank The Blue House in Venice Bch, and Mister Powers himself for getting the drop on me but still charing it to the game. Also My Zo messenger bag fYou all lent a hand in paying my rent at my studio for three months one summer. OH and ebay thanks ebay!

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