Buddyro I am right proud of you...

5:50 am My time D:
So Willy I just spoke for a secodn to you so my timing was good. Your getting the process where they check for the clots then use a defribulator or something to try and shock your rate to normal. I am gonna go ahead and cock back out d, MC&SKYO!

**This is the top of my original post yesterday**

As soon as you get out I will take down this picture. I know you hate it but you can't blame me right? I didn't ask for you to born'd me, so it's your fault.

Two hound dogs who are waiting for you to get your butt off that Lazy-Numbers-matic Adjustable bed and back on the boat with them for a little ride up the river.

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Dad, I love you.

Little Update: 3:17pm ---

Talked to you a while ago Willy. You seem to be enjoy'in the adjustable bed. I was just kidding about the Bed I didn't know you had such a nice one there. I found this on my own by google'in your pulse rate and the word Heart Flutter and then I spoke with Laurie and she conferred the same thing the "my analyses about to lead me to that conclusion too". I guess and she diagnosed the same thing: Atrial Fibrillation

I Think the doc should give you some low dose prescriptions of Cooter and Six time. They are very very medicinally beneficial. See?

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My Moms got them the most adorible Costumes. I would say that I really think that's wrong, dressing an animal...But i will say this a quick aside to my Dad's situation...You just TRY not to meet women if your walking them and one of your dogs is dressed like a yellow Chicken/angel/duck costume and the other a Geisha Happy Endings Massuse..thanks mom. D get well, get home, get them dogs!


d said...

hey D. thanks for the analysis, advice, etc. I am now home and since the doc. hit me with a bunch of volts to get my heart slowed down, i have a whole new appreciation for what bilbro and rambo experience when they cross that invisable electric fence on their way over to our yard to play with your dogs. your dog, Cooter, looks like she is thinking "i am so happy i could just squat" in that halloween photo. more later. CSI LYO d

Crack La Rock said...

Six actually looks like she is LUAGHING at cooter having to wear that hat!!