Neither Design Nor Car. Not Art not Sounds...

This is a blog i promised myself i would write if i got home and my internet was working...it was. Here it is. I moved to Portland Oregon because from Yesterday thru like say...may 24th it is the most beautiful climate ever. I love the rain the wind the cold the sun the coffee in the cold the jackets and the quilts at night. This is why I moved here. This one is sorta for me.

*last shot from Lee Santa.

This last one is mostly how I see the town on my way home from work at the bars. Just like...middle of the night rain and fog sittin' heavy on everything coating it like a layer of bacon grease that settles on every surface in the kitchen after you deep fry a little bacon goodness...hmmmmBaconFog. I digress. I love Portland in Fall and Winter. Period Full stop.


david said...

touche. Portland is truely a gem.

melissa said...

Baconfog? I'll never think of fog the same way ever again.