Yeah...I am not even gonna talk about it.

I really appreciate anyone who comes back into read this. That includes Random cats, Designer's who work as waiters, my parents and possibly an ex-strictly platonic buddy...Thanks everybody for checking in. Its killing me I got a desktop folder full of posts so get ready...Until then, with this intermittent connection i have, I will be keeping'em short and pro'ly a pic or two...Speaking of. that Huur we go.

I'm the one in the middle cold lampin on the cooler. Oh the other two guys, yeah I am being flanked by the other two Willy's, Buck and Roger. Best guys I ever met. I am STIll in that shadow.

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mattfromotm said...

Crack, these are the things that make me stoked to be interested in what you have to share. Big ups. I'm glad you take the time to share what you are up to. OTM

pinetown2000wd said...

hey D. i like the drawing of you, daddy, and me. the 'outline' of daddy looks exactly like him. i am sure that anyone who knew him would agree. he would be proud of the work you do 'Ole Boy. thanks. more later. d