Outlaw Dance'in

This guys got moves......he is no Jesco White but still he got moves.

Here is a little Jesco quote to show you he aint no soft dancer..he is the outlaw dancer!

"I put the butcher knife up to her neck and said if you wanna live to see tomorrow, you're gonna start fryin' 'em eggs a little better'n what'chu been fryin' 'em. I'm tired of eatin' sloppy, slimy eggs!" - Jesco White to wife Norma Jean White"


mist1 said...

1. After I got kicked out of the gym, I signed up for a line dancing class at the local rec center. I showed the elderly how it's done.

2. I am anti-egg. Eggs are chicken periods. Please refrain from any future runny eggs comments.

mattfromotm said...

still my favorite blogger