THIS IS IT...really. 220 bucks what??

Look I was buying curtains for my van the other day...it's okay the curtains much like my van are BLACK, and I was walking through the fabric sore and saw what I thought to be the ugliest 'scuse me but also the GAYEST fabric and thought to myself yeah they are pretty close to putting that crap on an ALL OVER PRINT,over priced hoodie...Close no. Gotten there? Yes they have...here it is:

^If you suckers will buy you deserve to be caught dead in it.^

No here is the way to go...38 US ducets AND it will kick the sh*t outta all the other Hoodies on the block son.

insider fact about me...I would still wear this one tho'

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mist1 said...

It's like you've been in my closet.