I finished my poster.

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Design Notes from the artist...aka ME.
1- Just as I am typing this I have been instructed to add the words "The new sound of Funk" to the image...thats like doing a poster for a rock band and adding "the rockin'n'ist rockers!"
2-next to the chick belopw the bird the word POOP is spelled out in flourishes
3-The man has a flower sup his butt.

** Turns out New sound of funk is ACTUALLY a band name...so now I guess its not as ridiculous as I thought when it seemed it was a description of The Guy Taylor Band**.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


mist1 said...

Why don't they have brains?

Crack La Rock said...

Because they're black...duh?

Mist says - "then why isnt the guy hung like a rhino with large gneitailia?"

photo blog girl said...

I've always heard that the worst thing about doing designs for other people is that they always have such "Great ideas" for how you should change it. Looks good though!

d said...

another good one Buddero. d