Being Chinese mean's never having to say...I'm Sorry.

Seriously, it absolves you from EVER having to say sorry, excuse me in a crowded bus, you are above 'lines' or 'ques' of ANY sort. Proceed directly to the front of the line. Run if you must and use your 8 plastic shopping bags that say "thank you" on the sides to knock your opponets, or what I like to call 'other people', out of the way or just down if at all possible. Well look, just call that saying "Rule #1" the rest of the rules are posted here. They also apply at the Great Wall if you happen to be traveling there...see imag below. and like I said in the last post I have never said a racist thing in muh'life! remember that!

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They omitted one important rule though.

"Rule #8 -When at the wall do not help, aid, assit, hold the door open for, or cheer on ANY Barbarians trying to get in. Thank you - Your Comrades"

Photo from www.engrish.com Please to be checking it out!

Now if any one needs me I'll be in my room.


mist1 said...

My Peruvian aunt always tells me that she swears of G*d. I love that. I swear of G*d, I do.

Anonymous said...

Seems like a perfect room for the Crack! elgrano