Science of the Drop.

I don't know always know when to say things. Well I tay ALOT of things but I am talking the right time to say the right thing. Lay the perfect quote in a conversation and just slay'em with your smartitudes. I have had somesmall victories in the past. Like once in school somebody said something about war and non-violent oposition and I dropped a little "Wasn't it Chief Joseph, Chief of the persecuted Nez Perz peoples who said "Oh hear me my great cheifs yadda yadda..." and looked pretty smart. And then I think I pulled the first or second verse of El Dorado by E.A.Poe out my ass at a house party once too...But recently I read the money quote. I don't know why but it seeping with badassness. I just ache to find that time, that moment that BOO YA IN YO' FACE moment in which to drop science on'em and walk away like the champ I know I am:

"The old world is dying away,
and the new world struggles to come forth:
now is the time of monsters."

Okay That was aq bit dramatic. I just like the quote!

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Anonymous said...

You forgot about an important victory. When you said that thing to that guy about his purse. FTW.