Ever thought you had an Idea about Sumthin'...

You haven't. I mean something may have occurred to you, sure, but Shakespeare said it "There ain't nuthin new under the Sun homeboy!"

This is the Dictonary of Historical Ideas. Yeah any idea worth remembering or anything that pan'd out for the greater good of man is here. Yo somewhere at sometime some Pythagorean said it "All is number." that's right Number was an Idea before they became my personal nemesis.

Then there is one of my personal Idea favorites, The Social Contract. If I didn't have that ole'thing to break from time to time mine would be a life mo'ordinary.

So root around in the Idea dictionary. It'll be good for you. And because there was no Catchy Graphic to entice you in with I am gonna go google-a-pic to just stick in here to sorta bring this whole blog together...Okay after much searching I found an image of the greatest Idea that man has had since Newton got cracked in the gourd with a Mac...I mean Apple. That's right...It's THEE Glove baby. Now that was an Idea.

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