No sir, what I said was that I DIDN'T feel like i was paying ENOUGH for gas these days...I wanna do my part!

Yeah..if your gonna get caught rollin dirty...Get caught in a Maximog...Yeah it sounds like a cross between a Menstration thingy and a 70's electric Synthisizer, sure, I see that but these are the most amazing personal vehicles ever in the world of man...BEHOLD the Beautiful Bohemouth

OH SHIT why i wrote this was that I SAW this same orange model going down the street in St.Johns Portland yesterday with a Khaki safari roof cover on top...it looks for lake of a better term Savage!!

Enjoy these pics and check out this fan site where I got the images for the most part!

Once you learn the ins and outs you are legally able to drive the space shuttle. Its just madd gadettry up in there huh?

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