The more you can't say it the more your ass is gonna pay for it...Tru$t me!

KOGAMIYATA......get ready to pay out your Netherlands for this bike...Now a little about me as an aside: Me, I'm easy. The best bike I ever had was a Hot to Death Fly Green SE PK RIPPER...Hands down...Best. I had bear claws on it that gave me scars on my shins to this day. kinda like this one I guess in frame style but yo that green was something else!

That bike took me all over Bangkok...And best 'pimp'd ride moment EVER when my dad gave me money to get some WHITE SKYWAY MAGS for it, I can remember the woman with a long ass bamboo pole reaching up into the dusty rafters of her shop and pulling down those wheels all wrapped in dirty as sin plastic, pulling that shit off to reveal the greatest wheels known to man...You don't EVEN KNOW how good I looked on that thing. Okay I am getting lost...This is about a bike that looks good but is gonna run you 12,500 Euros from the zany folks at KOGAMIYATA. Its called the Areoglide or something. Here it is:

Screw it tho...This should be about me and PK instead...

Looked JUST like this with pads and similar wheels....But

It was this color!

Okay so this Blog lost its plot...It's all gravy man, it'll all come out in the wash!

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