How to make an ipod Viewing Dock...

Outta a Mint can in two easy steps.

Step one: Cut off Half-lid of BREATH SAVER'S by HERSY'S with switch blade...Preferably a Benchmade Brand Switch Blade for added flare and Street Cred!

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Step two: Stick Video iPOD in can and watch Strong Bad cartoons/podcast at your leisure!!

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I used to sit at a desk checking IDs for my last job and I would set up my iPOD in a pint glass and try to angle it so I could watch muh'stories, Scrubs, The Office and the like. Nuthin' worked till I combined the great taste of Breath mints and iPod together at last for the ultimate viewing dock!

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Two additional notes:
YES you can still hit Play and Pause with no Problem. I know it does not look like it in the pictures, I will be cutting a half circle notch out to make it mo'easier tho'...and Secondly: It is PERFECTLY BALANCED!! won't tip in ANY direction. It is a miracle of science I tells ya!

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Anonymous said...

Happiest damn song about drugs that I have ever heard...and who would have ever thought of putting Bea and Rock together to sing about drugs...where do YOU find this stuff. Loved it..MA