Finally your one stop shop for this...And Pants!

Just cold chillin in the hood knockin
back some D Trans ya'll!

Now I am really not sure what this stuff is but you can sure as shit buy a 100 kilos of it from china and have it sent to your door if your so inclined.

Alibaba.com is kinda new to me...I am still exploring by type'in random letters or words in their search product section after the search of the letter 'S' I finally found my dream supplier of D Trans Allethrin, my in-depth search of the letter v in their search jammie gave me this page...and something I KNOW i cant go another day with out...Be the first on your block to get

4-Nitro-M-Phenylenediamine Sulfate in BULK!

And As you know there is no excuse for not type'in in the words SEXY PANTS to any and all search engine's, I mean one simply MUST, it would be unscientific not to. I think my colleagues would agree...so I typed in sexy pants...yeah, Alibaba's got them and its up to the buyer just how SEXY these will be:
*Tragically there was no picture of the sexy pants. just this product discription. so I googled Sexy trousers and found a temp. image.*

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Sell 2006 Fashion Man's Sexy Jeans Pants

Post Date: Jul 02, 2006
Expiry date: Dec 29, 2006

Detailed Selling Lead Description
Prodcut name : Pants,
Product number : MP95-04213
Place of origin:China
Size: 28-36
Color: black-grey
Price: USD14.28/PCS
Moq: 50PCS
Material: 100%cotton
Can be produce according to customers requirements

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