Graffiti find of HUGE cultural and artistic significance

Man...I do not know where this was when I was writhing...I mean it. It is the implement of legend and majesty. And I never heard of it before Ready Flow Pen.

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I mean I had all the Flow Master stuff which was similar but this is 4 individuals packaged jars each with three brushes that slip in through sized holes on the top and then they get 'Jucied' up in pilot ink or Marsh ink. It says water color but uhmm...hahah. yeah sorry never touch the stuff. But I saw this in a house today and asked if she'd barter me for it and she said "take it" I think I cried, just a little, then I left and made a mad dash for this blog to share!

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Somewhere there is a marble accent wall on some building on New Montgomery in SF just CALLIN me and this drip-tast-i-cal 12 gauge chisel tipped King of Pens!

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