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Make & Shoot Pinhole Camera Kit

The Hole-On Ex is a make & shoot 35mm pinhole camera kit. This well-designed kit comes complete with all the camera parts needed, printed on heavy durable cardstock, die-cut and scored for easy assembly. A metal pinhole aperture is included. Assembly requires only glue, a ruler, and pencil. Recommended for ages 12 and up, younger with adult help. Step-by-step instructions mean the camera can be ready for shooting in less than two hours using standard 35mm film (not included). When assembled, the camera is about the size of a disposable camera (2.75" x 4" x 2.75"). Each kit is stylishly packaged in a LP album sized (12" sq x 1/2" d) corrugated cardboard sleeve.

Pinhole cameras have no optical lens, only a pinhole that lets light in when the shutter is opened exposing the film. The user is required to experiment with exposure times relative to available light. (Hole-On Ex provides instruction on this). And given a pinhole camera's infinite depth of field, the resulting photos are instantly artful with a softer, less crisp appearance than regular photographs. But that's half the fun! The Hole-On Ex camera is a great way to inspire learning about the fundamentals of light, optics, and photography.

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