Now I heard of a punk rock prom...This is better.

"Hey boo, you wanna hit up the prom wit me? Holler back!"

And more and more and more...

Maybe the guy in tan is looking for lions or rhinos...i mean he is dressed in His Kalahari Safari Best...remember Hood Rich Dr.Livingston, when in doubt: Run from a Rhino STARE DOWN a Hyena! Nice Pith hat Kahki Guy, no really, it's like you alone have channel'd back to the 80's and Panama Jack!...oh I got more.

look ma i saved up from my paper route and I got a hooker for prom!

Update like whoa!! Hoodrich Prom dates part one'mo again!

Yo Kid...you brought your moms to the prom ANNNND she's a Lab tech. over at Mercy Genreal hospital? Word!

The ever popular "PSSSST...PPSSSST...Craig...CRAIG...lemme borrow your VCR right Quick!"Look for prom!

I see some teen-ladies tonite who be like havin babies..Baby!"

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