It's good to like somebody...it's nice.

I recently saw Del Kathryn Barton's work. It is really nice. Good stuff. And coolhunting.com said "...artworks that capture the wide-eyed innocence of youth, albeit tainted by eyes that appear to have seen too much." I can see that sure, okay...but I think that the tainted eyes there belong squarley to a Mister Darger and a Mister Schiele. I think her stuff is good just like I like thier stuff but when you look at someone's art and say "HELLSYEAH! I LOVES IT YO!" and you find yourself adding "...BECAUSE IT LOOKS JUST LIKE SO AND SO WHO I ALREADY LOVED." it takes something away from the over all...goodness of it, no?


So you gots yer'Del Kathryn Barton's:

and here goes Egon:

And then there is Darger:

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