Da Dunk ah Dunks...SB Nike Stuffs

So I was looking through a bunch of stuff. These are a few things Nike and Nike SB related. The first is a postcard set for the NIKE skaters but its not branded SB just nike...and like 3 of the shoes being advertised on the cards are not even skate shoes...This musta been from a time when they hadn't commited to the SB division or maybe from it's infancy,?? What do I know?

The Next thingy is one I got from the Nike House in Venice Beach CA at a party Steve Powers invited me to. (NOTE TO READER...Please look at your feet as I am droppin names!) I took a few (few..HAHAHA) copies of his manifesto and some other odds and ends that really made the night special. Look for his BUFF style ESPOin yellow in the corner. He knocked it out the park with that one...he laced LA with these "Buff marks" that oddly enough spelled ESPO. Bravo!

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