Cobra Snake can kiss my ass!

It is ALL about AMBREL::..

Yeah I like CS but I think I would use the term "Over Hype'd" at least 3 times if asked two write a short sentence on my take of CS...NOW having Poo Poo'd CS I want to lavish AMNREL with priase and Kudos and throw a few accolades all up in there for flare...

This Blog thanks to Justin-Kent.com . My man is a straight Shoe Mogul with a litte Beaverton Company. Look for a dedicated J.Kent Blog report soon.

Urgh this dude HUANTS me every club I work he comes in plugs in dances to his favorite musci liek a mad man and bounces on out the door'...I think he has figured otu the art of the DJ Gig.

***HAHAH THEY HATED THAT I LINKED TO THEM..or Him I mean either way I kinda like it. Raw. Hey just click through to the Site well worth your trouble!***

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