I used to loves me some Tri-Lambs...

Now it is ALL about The Kid America Club...Sure, its like some magical, nasal-y, Kroft Supserstars meets Cypress Hill and Greg the Bunny and they all got together and smoked too much Sherman Hemsley!

But from all that comes the goods. They Got the goods.

I really don't know where to start, I don't. The music or the videos...Check out the kissing Video. just minutes of people kissing. It's mad nice, it hurts. AND YES it proves better looking cooler people are out making out while you're not!

Then there is the Comicon Movies. They are worth the price of admission alone...After all the Funny and the kissing and the My Word is Bond son Good Freakin Rap music there is the matter of just how WELL this site and characters are drawn...yeah...go there, be a better person.

Peep the Espo Goodness in the back ground. That means on some level this is some Espo approved shit son!...

And just who were the Tri-Lambs anyways? Well...if you slept on the Tri-lambs you left on the bus! Sorry.

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