Crack is Dedicated to the bling Dunny!!

Some of you may have a shiny trinket or two...and some of you may be on the Top o the line Mac G5's i can live with it. You can stick around, no need to bounce just yet. I am gonna go ahead and point out that I am in fact harder than you. Why you ask? This is why.

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No matter who you are you and what dirt you done did YOU my friend have never rolled into a Jewelry Store and said to the man...I want to get a Chain bigger than a baby's arm and at the end of that chain I wanna swing that thing that'll memorialize that which is closest to my heart, My OLD DESIGN POT'NAH AND HOMMIE, my Apple G3 with Zip drive and Floppy drive! Cherry on top moment: I set this stunna off propa like by add'd a cut emerald for the power light boyeee! That is what you are looking at...thats right ya'll "... feels like a midget hangin from my necklace!" Don't hate the Player son hate the OS!

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* Yeah I know its hard to stunt it when the necklace needs a cleaning more than Steve Bushemi's Teeth do, but i promise she cleans up nice!

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