Outta the Dark came...Drunk ass old man Graff writers!

I was working the door last night and who came outta the cut to accost me? Sam Flores. I hand't seen him in too long..he told me Saber was in town and that he was about to roll up and 4 minutes later a whole cab full a drunken white boy spilled out! Both cats are amoung the MOST talented artist working today. Period. The Best. I am happy to have friends like them. And with out Sammy's "Diseny Account" art store hook-ups I woulda never had 3/4s of all the supplies I had way back then...They are here for the Upperplayground Portland store. Glad they are here UPPER'P will lend the city some class finally!


and SABER...Check for the BIGGEST graffiti peice ever done...well ever did. He topped himself in St.Louis. This peice also got dissed by a toy. I was at Sabers apt. the day he found out...not a fun place to be just then.


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Anonymous said...

Wow, Dan, Sam is an awesome artist! Enjoyed seeing his work.